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A Dying Game?

>> December 30, 2009

This article got us a little heated today. Titled 'Bunker Mentality' it's a bit of a rant about how our president should give up golf because it's a dying sport and that golf is somehow a "leisure activity that screams stodgy, hyperconventional Old Guard."


Here's Golf is Hard TV's perspective instead. Golf is anything but a dying game. It's an opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors, friends and family. It's about challening yourself to a crazy hard game just because. As for the President of the United States, please give the man an opportunity to focus on a small white ball once in a while, just to clear his head a little!

All that said, the article points out that "the number of Americans who golf has fallen by four million." It also points out that "men once free to spend all weekend on the links are now expected to help shuttle the kids to soccer (excuse me... coach soccer!), walk the dog (he's so cute!), and generally pull their weight on the home front."

You got us there, not that there is anything wrong with paying attention to your family on a regular basis. We coach, we shuttle and we generally try to shoe-horn in our golf obsession. It is what it is we say.

As for our president, so long as it's a balanced obsession, like ours, we say tee it up man!


Thank You GIHTV Fans

>> December 28, 2009

Dear GIHTV Fans,

We want to thank all of you for your support and loyalty throughout this incredibly remarkable year. We have made friends from around the world; more proof that golf is a sport of all ages, races, backgrounds and levels of ablility. From golf club owners, to industry folks, to beginning and advanced golfers looking for a bit of help and support, we thank you all. Hopefully we have provided insight to all.

Here are some 2009 highlights from Golf is Hard TV:

  • Basement golf: putting and fundamentals made easy
  • Watching golfers: a realistic look at what we are all doing out there
  • Golf social networks: Marc's opinion of the best
  • Instruction: All the basics, archived on our site. More to come with real golfers
  • Tashua Knolls: Our home course, interview with Bobby Brown, club fitting with
  • Ron Nihoff
  • Creating Passion: Teaching new golfers (Pauline and Kate), more to follow. If
  • you want to be featured on this segment, let us know.
  • Equipment: A look at the new Heavy Putter and interview with the inventor
  • Gadgets: Our critique on funky golf items
  • Q & A: Your questions, our answers
Why else do we consider this to be a remarkable year?
  • Michelle Wie won
  • Tom Watson didn't, but made us all believe
  • Tiger lost (dude, why did you get married? see Jeter's website)
  • The Yankees won (yay!) and the Red Sox lost (ugh!)
Things to look forward to in 2010:
  • More "watching golfers"
  • Creating new passioniate golfers (you are invited)
  • Customized video analysis - send us your video and questions
  • The "Foursome" - average guys trying to get in a round of golf
  • Instruction kept simple and achievable
  • New topics
  • Beyond golf: max your day, keep your family happy, stay in shape, cook a great meal, get in better shape, lose weight, upgrade your tech life, have a killer lawn, coach kids' sports, home projects, save money and tons more stuff as we think of it...
As we did last year, here are the Golf is Hard TV stats, for you stat hungry monsters:
  • Almost 12,000 visits
  • You spent almost 3 minutes per visit with us!
  • 66% of you were new to our site - welcome to Golf is Hard TV
  • 70+ new and unique Golf is Hard TV episodes
  • More than 2,000 Twitter fans
  • More than 80,000 total video views - really, wow!
2010 promises to be a big, big year... stay tuned, and keep giving us your feedback!


Arnold Makes an Arnold

How did I miss this? Had you seen this? Awesome.


Happy Holidays GIHTV Fans!

>> December 22, 2009

We do appreciate the guest blog post from Mikael below, more evidence as to why golf is hard, and why we as instructors can make it that much more difficult. Although some of what he offers is helpful, his "#1 Golf Tip for Beginners" actually contains so many tips and thoughts that even I was confused. This is the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish here at GIHTV, which is, keep it simple and achievable. Not a slam on our guest blog, we just want our fans to be clear as to the source of instruction here at GIHTV. Be confident knowing that you can find what you need here broken down into various simple instructional episodes. Just click on the links on the left.

Marc and I are jacked to move into our second year. We have learned a ton from you and truly appreciate our thousands of fans. Keep an eye out for an interesting look at the golf world and beyond in 2010. If there is anything you would like us to address in '10, let us know. Send an email, comment on our site, or attach a video. We answer all.

We wish you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and New Year!

Thanks again for your interest in GIHTV!

Coach Dave and Marc


Guest Blog Post: Golfandcarts.com

>> December 13, 2009

This winter, Golf is Hard TV is spreading it's wings a little and is inviting golf bloggers from around the world to contribute to the conversation. If you are interested in blogging on Golf is Hard TV (or videoblogging), please drop us a line and let us know who you are, and what you want to talk about.

I'm thrilled to present Mikael Rieck who is a passionate golf enthusiast from Europe. He is the lead contributor at Golfandcarts.com.

With that, here's Mikael's post, reiterating much of what you may have heard Coach Dave talk about during this past season of Golf is Hard TV!

#1 Golf Tip for Beginners

Are you looking to get into the sport of golf? If so, you’re about to make one of the greatest decisions of your life. Why do you think so many people play golf? It’s because once they start playing, it’s very difficult for them to stop. Golf is unlike any other sport in many ways. First of all, unless you’re constantly playing the same course, you’re always going to see new challenges and scenery. It’s not like a basketball court or a baseball field, where the dimensions always remain the same. Secondly, if you fail, you only have yourself to blame. This can be a good thing, as it keeps the challenge alive and constantly makes you want to get better. Thirdly, it’s one of the few sports where you can actually relax and have a good time while playing. It’s not a high-intensity sport. People who play high-intensity sports eventually burn out. Not only will you avoid that with golf, but it’s also a lifetime sport. All that said, if you’re going to play golf, you’re obviously going to want to do it well. Several golf training tips can be found below, as well as one super tip.

The first thing you need to do prior to approaching that first tee is grip the club. If you’re a beginner, then you’re probably going to want to grip the club tight. This will make you feel as though you have more control, but what you’re actually doing is reducing control and club head speed. Without control and power, you’re not going to have much success. Therefore, there is a good tip to remember, and it’s a tip that even many professionals use. The rule is to imagine you’re holding a baby bird when you grip the golf club. You don’t want to let it get away, but you don’t want to choke it, either.

When it comes to grips, there are three options. These are the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the baseball grip. Many people will say that the baseball grip is the best for beginners, but what happens if you begin using the baseball grip? You get used to it and never change it. This is bad because it’s not the most effective grip. It’s only a good option if you have weak wrists. Otherwise, you should use the overlapping grip. It offers the most potential for distance and control. To use the overlapping grip, point the club away from you at a 45 degree angle (with right hand). Place your left hand on the club with your thumb pointing up. Then place your right fingers over your left hand. Place right thumb up but slightly to left. Of course, this will be easier to understand by looking at a picture of watching a video. Just do a search for ‘overlapping grip’ and follow the instructions provided. The important thing is to use the correct grip from the beginning.

Stance is also going to be a key. There are a lot of golfers who have a great swing, but their aim is always off. The funny thing is that they’re often in denial about it, so they keep hitting the same poor shots over and over again. It’s important you don’t become one of those people. As far as aim goes, always make sure your weight is equally distributed. For drives, place inside of front foot slightly ahead of the ball. When hitting irons, make sure ball is centered in your stance. Either way, make sure your feet and body are aligned with the target. Equally important to aim is relaxation. If you’re not relaxed, your body cannot perform at its peak level. If you are relaxed, you will have a more fluid motion. As far as bending at the knees or not, it’s often a good idea, but it really depends on what you’re comfortable with. One universal rule is to keep your weight on the balls of your feet, not your toes or heels.

Backswing and downswing are very important. For your backswing, remember to turn your chest away from your target. This will keep you focused on your target and not on your arms. Also remember that speed on your backswing means nothing. It’s all about tempo. For more power, remember to cock your wrists. This will increase club head speed. For a successful downswing, try to turn your midsection (not your arms) toward your target.

Sometimes you can read so much about golf fundamentals and tips that it can make your head spin. All it does is confuse you. These tips were meant to be generalized and easy to understand so a beginner will actually be able to benefit from them. These tips, along with quality golf equipment, will allow you to reach your highest current potential. But before we end this tip sheet, it’s time for your super tip. The super tip will help you with consistency for straight golf shots. Here is your super tip: Always remember to begin your downswing prior to completing your backswing. While you might sacrifice a little power, it will keep you from using your arms, which will in turn lead to straighter shots, and make you a consistent golfer.


For only $18,000

>> December 12, 2009

We get A LOT of e-mail here at Golf is Hard TV, and usually, the spam and product pitches hit meet our delete button. Mostly.

Sometimes though, we get something that strikes us as funny or out of control enough that we feel the need to share.

So we're sharing this doozy.

Here's the basics. For around $18,000 you too can get a "golf car" (please don't say cart) that has a built-in refrigerator and let's you customize the color (Can I get mine painted in mud color with flaps?).

Our favorite part of the e-mail is where they compare the golf car(t) to an actual automobile, which for whatever reasons struck us as funny.

Built to the highest standards of the automotive industry The Garia features a double wishbone front suspension similar to those found in sports cars and inspired by Formula 1 cars. The drive train is built by an Italian company that also produces Ducati gearboxes. The aluminum profiles in the frame are made by the same company that supplies aluminum profiles to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo. Hydraulic brakes on all four wheels with discs in the front and drums at the rear. The Garia is manufactured at the Valmet Automotive factory in Finland, manufacturer of the Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster.



Happy Thanksgiving Golfers!

>> November 25, 2009

Here's to a fully belly, time with family and perhaps... a round before watching football :)


Golf is Hard TV #71 - Club Fitting Insights

>> October 31, 2009

Our last show with Ron from Tashua Knolls on club fitting. Get the insights and see how club fitting really works.


Golf is Hard TV #70 - Club Fitting Series 2

>> October 20, 2009

More with Ron on club fitting! The 2nd (and long awaited) in our 3 part club fitting series.


Golf is Hard TV #69 - Club Fitting

>> September 27, 2009

Get ready for club fitting! This 3 episode series features Ron Nihoff, a Nike rep who is stationed at Tashua Knolls about the importance of club fitting. L

earn more here: http://www.tashuaknolls.com/pro_shop.php and look up your local club fitter by talking to a golf pro or visiting a local golf shop.


Golf is Hard TV #68 - Creating Passionate Golfers

>> September 22, 2009

In this latest creating passionate golfers, Paulina and Kate get a quick putting lesson, then compete for honors! Only on Golf is Hard TV!


Golf is Hard TV #67 - Kate's Confessional

>> September 17, 2009

Kate talks about her journey on Golf is Hard TV in this confessional, part of our "creating passionate golfer" series.


Golf is Hard TV #66 - Creating Passionate Golfers 5 - Paulina

>> September 10, 2009

Paulia tell us all about her experience in becoming a passionate golfer, only on Golf is Hard TV.

For more information on Paulina Plazas, visit her IMDB page and check out her film Dona Blanca.


Golf is Hard TV #65 - Creating Passionate Golfers 03

>> September 7, 2009

Golf is Hard TV is thrilled to present the 3rd episode in our "Creating Passionate Golfers" series featuring actresses Paulina and Kate. Stay tuned for more including confessionals and a putting contest coming soon! Only on http://www.golfishardtv.com

For more information on Paulina Plazas, visit her IMDB page and check out her film Dona Blanca.


Photos from New Creating Golfers Episodes

>> September 6, 2009

We know you are patiently waiting for the new "Creating Passionate Golfers" episodes which are coming soon, we promise... for now, check out some photos from our recent shoot.

For more information on Paulina Plazas, visit her IMDB page and check out her film Dona Blanca.


Golf is Hard TV #64 - Yah-dage

>> September 1, 2009

How do you know how far you are from the pin without a fancy GPS or iPhone? Watch Golf is Hard TV #64 to learn all about yah-dage.



>> August 29, 2009

I was peeking at our visitor information and wanted to say hello to visitors from around the world! In top order, here are your custom shout outs!

  1. Sup Americanos?

  2. Cheers to you blokes in the UK

  3. Bonjour to our French and French Canadian fans!

  4. Hallo to Netherlands!

  5. Merhaba to you people in Turkey (really?)

  6. Hallo mein German fans

Just for fun, here are some fun numbers from our top 10 country visitors:

  • Austrians spend the most time per visit on our site, more than 7:45!

  • Over the past 30 days, every single visitor from Italy was new to Golf is Hard TV

  • Swedish golfers are viewing the most pages per visit, more than 3.3 pages every time they visit our site!

Neat stuff...

If you are on Facebook, please become a fan! Dave and I plan to use Facebook for some fun things in the near future - becoming a fan makes it easy to follow what we're up to and to continue watching Golf is Hard TV!

Don't forget, we're also available on iTunes AND the Zune Marketplace... subscribe for free and improve your game with us.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 63 - Ground Under Repair

A quick little episode that talks about ground under repair, only on Golf is Hard TV!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 62 - Secret Tee Box - Re-edited!

>> August 27, 2009

If you ever have a chance to play the executive course at Tashua Knolls (it's called Tashua Glen), be sure to find this "secret tee" box! Watch this episode to learn more...


Free Golf is a Business Model

>> August 23, 2009

I just finished reading Chris Anderson's "Free" which, if you are interested at all in business models and the Internet you should read immediately.

Golfblogger recently posted about a course in Michigan who is trying to use "Free" as a business model. Rather than repost much here, I encourage you to check out the post and consider the implications!

That said, here's the basic nut:

Last spring, Lake Forest Golf Club in Ann Arbor offered a two year, weekday pass for $200. Since the regular price for walking a round is $25, after the fourth round each year, you’re effectively playing free golf.
Free golf clubs, balls, cart rentals or vacations anyone?


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 61 - Red Stakes

This would be a better episode if it were about cooking steak, but as it were, it's about what happens when your ball goes past red stakes. I guess I'm just hungry.


Emotionally Attached to a Golf Ball

>> August 20, 2009

I spent the week in Hilton Head and had a chance to play 2 nice golf courses - Barony and Oyster Reef. For the record, I really loved Oyster Reef, it was challenging and gorgeous - a terrific combination for sure.

I had a new box of Slazenger Raw balls with me and got out 2 boxes for that first round at Barony. On the 4th hole, a 364 yard (blue tees) par 4 I jacked my tee shot dead left into the rough. I hit a provisional ball a country mile but wanted to see if I could find my first ball and play it out of the woods.

After a few minutes of looking, I spotted 2 balls buried under some leaves, neither of which was my own. I traded the lost Slazenger for a Titelist and a TiTech and played my 2nd tee shot.

Cut to 2 days later, about halfway through my round at Oyster Reef. I hit an errant tee shot on #6, a gorgeous par 3 overlooking a lake butting up against the harbor. I managed to find my ball and as I looked down, I realized that it was that same Ti Tech that I had found at Barony. Some 18 holes later, I was still playing with the same ball!

I resolved to finish the Oyster Reef round with this scuffed mess of a ball. On the 8th (we played the back first, so this was the next to last hole of the day), I hit my 3 hybrid about 200 yards to the right, and headed towards trees. I yelled "no" and desperately wanted my new favorite ball of all time to bounce back from the forest. To my shock, the ball came bounding off a tree and landed on the green!

I knew I had a special ball, one that was going to do whatever it had to in order to stick with me, unlike those ungrateful Slazengers. Jerks.

In any case, I 3-putted my friend for a bogey 5 (no one said the ball you have become attached to will actually go in the hole in less shots!) and headed to my last hole of the day.

After somnething like 32 holes, I teed up a ball that I had strangely become quite emotionally attached to. My tee shot was again errant, this time slicing sharply to the left behind a tree jutting out into the fairway. I saw it bounce and I was elated. I was going to find it!

I drove up and found my ball laying in a deep bed of leaves and had only one shot - a safe play back to the fairway. Unfortunately, I thinned it and flew it over the fairway into a bunker. I tried to play a 7 iron out and thinned it again - my best friend ever landed back in the bunker, unwilling at this point to even leave my side.

A quick chip shot landed me in the fairway where I hit a beautiful 3 wood about 220 yards to the front of the green. I chipped it close and 2-putted for a triple bogey 8... but had managed to finish the round with this beautiful, mess of a ball that I might take home and put away forever.

Either that or I'll tee it up and see how much magic is left!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 60 - Creating Passionate Golfers 2

>> August 18, 2009

We're back with more of Paulina and Kate, this time checking their initial swing and knowledge of golf. Get ready for some laughs and some fun!

For more information on Paulina Plazas, visit her IMDB page and check out her film Dona Blanca.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 59 - Creating Passionate Golfers

>> August 13, 2009

Golf is Hard TV wants more people to play golf. We're taking things into our own hands by creating some new golfers... Join actresses Paulina and Kate in this pilot episode.

For more information on Paulina Plazas, visit her IMDB page and check out her film Dona Blanca.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 58 - Ball Position

>> August 9, 2009

Where you put the golf ball turns out is quite important... who knew! Golf is Hard Episode 58 takes a closer look at why an inch here or there makes a difference.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 57 - Marc's Casting Call

>> August 6, 2009

If you saw episode 57, you know all about casting... now watch as Marc gets an on camera lesson in Golf is Hard TV, episode 57!


The Long Awaited Pink Diva Golf Interview

>> August 1, 2009

I've been waiting for months to finally get my chance to interview the mysterious Sheila, aka "Pink Diva" after reading her blog and trading messages with her on Twitter. I'm thrilled to unleash the Pink Diva Golf on Golf is Hard TV. We love Pink Diva Golf not only because we love female golfers, but because we are both proud dads who have our own golf girls.

Q: Pink Diva's Motto: Girls Golf, Get Over It! - talk to me... who needs to get over what, and why?
Let’s face it - golf is still a male-dominated sport. The motto is simply a light-hearted way to say girls are passionate about golfing too!

Q: What is Pink Diva Golf and what is the inspiration behind it?
Pink Diva Golf is an online golf boutique that offers women's golf t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories with a hip, trendy golf theme. I was inspired to start Pink Diva because I couldn’t find fun, girly golf shirts to wear on or off the golf course. And when I say girly, that’s code for pink golf wear! Our golf boutique is unique because we carry one-of-kind items, exclusive to Pink Diva Golf and not the usual big-name golf brands.

Q: Does the Diva got game? How often do you play?
The Diva is working on her golf game – no handicap yet. But I found a fantastic local LPGA golf instructor who has really helped me improve in the past year and I recently joined my local Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) chapter. My biggest challenge is finding people to golf with, so joining my local EWGA will be a great way to start playing more often. Right now I usually play two or three times a month.

Q: What's one message you would love to give the next guy who plays a golf round with you?
I am a pretty competitive person, so you may think it’s a casual round of golf - but I’m really trying to figure out how to beat you! (Golf is Hard TV note: Bring it any time Pink Diva!)

Q: Do guys like playing golf with women? Why/why not?
That’s a trick question, right? I think it depends on the player! There are many men who love to play golf with women and others who are more comfortable playing only with the “boys.” Regardless of the sport, I think players should learn and follow the rules of the game and do their best. In golf, players should make sure they’re keeping up with the pace of play and following etiquette. I’ve seen both men and women not follow the rules at times, but it seems women golfers get a bad rap for this – and that’s not always true!

Q: Can you tell us about the new Pink Diva website and the “Golf Bling” line of apparel?
Yes. We have redesigned the Pink Diva Golf website with a new look and feel, including an easier to use online store! The website still offers a golf boutique shopping experience with one-of-kind t-shirts, jewelry and accessories, but also a new line of Golf Bling shirts! What is Golf Bling you ask? Take a high quality ladies t-shirt, add Swarovski crystals, and arrange them into a stylish golf design and you got Golf Bling! The jeweled shirts are available in five styles, including Kiss My Putt, Par-Tee, I “Heart” Golf, Golfer Girl and our classic Pink Diva logo.

For more info, visit Pink Diva's newly redesigned site and her terrific Pink Diva Golf blog.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 56 - Castaway

>> July 27, 2009

This new Golf is Hard TV episode features Coach Dave talking about casting the club head for better distance and control. Forget what you've learned!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 55 - Flop Shot Fun

>> July 21, 2009

Flop shots are pretty to watch, but hard to hit... learn more as Golf is Hard TV tackles the difficult flop shot!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 54 - Hard Chip Shots

>> July 18, 2009

Chips and dip is easy to make and to eat. Hitting good chip shots, not so much. Golf is Hard TV helps you perfect hitting those pesky hard chip shots in episode #54!


Golf Week - Day 6 - The Finale

I wrapped up my biggest golf week EVER with my 6th round in 6 days, teeing off at 6:39 this morning bright and early. The round got off to a good start, but went downhill quickly. I kept thinking back to my earlier rounds and even though I didn't play well, I thought that this week was really amazing.

I got myself into the sand 3 times at Tashua, I think a new record for myself. I managed to get out nicely all 3 times and on the 18th, I used a great sand shot to save par to end the week. It felt great to end on a par!

Here are the final stats from this week:

6 days, 6 rounds
4 total courses played (Tashua Knolls, Tashua Glen, Fairchild Wheeler & Woodhaven Country Club)
81 holes played
Total score 437 (117 shots over par)
1 birdie
5 new Golf is Hard TV episodes filmed
1 Quadruple bogey
2 4 putts
3+ record setting drives of ~270 yards
1 new course played (Fairchild Wheeler)
1 cart used
1 round with a pull cart
1 sand save for par
One 12 year old playing partner (Coach Dave's daughter)
1 Eagle (made by Coach Dave)

What's the most golf you have ever played in a row?


Golf Week Day 5 - When Does this Get Easier?

>> July 17, 2009

Day 5 is in the books and I have a few thoughts, as you'd expect.

First, playing golf 5 days in a row is hard work. I'm tired. I'm also in trouble with my wife. I'm going to leave playing golf every day to the pros and retired folks. For me, it's too much.

Secondly, and more importantly, when I do something every day, I expect to get better. I expect that because I'm a halfway decent athlete that I would see some improvement. Not today. For about 5 holes in a row, I started hitting drives off the hosel, directly left. It got so bad that I started dropping balls in the tee box on the ground and simply hitting hybrids (that worked).

Lesson learned, play with whatever you've got on a given day. Today, it was all about just getting off the tee safely (forget fairways!). I ended up shooting a 99 after a 51 on the front and triple/double on 10 and 11. Not good.

That said, I shot 7 over on the last 7 holes.

Now, I need to go pay some attention to my family (and catch up on British Open action. Speaking of which - Tiger, what up man?)


Golf Week Day 4 - It's Birdie Time

>> July 16, 2009

Maybe it was time, or maybe Coach Dave's last blog post helped, but I finally got one! I played the back 9 at Fairchild Wheeler Black in Fairfield, CT today and on the second hole I caught a bit of magic.

The 3rd hole (middle tees) is 155 yards and today, the pin placement was slightly up front. I grabbed my 7 iron (love knowing I can actually hit a 7 iron 150 yards) and with total confidence wacked at it. As soon as it went up I knew it was good - I actually said these words:

"Go in the hole"

As soon as I said those words, I knew I had blown it... immediately, my playing partner said that he thought the ball lipped out of the cup. It stopped less than a foot from the hole, where I tapped it in for birdie.

I really liked this course, it has some interesting challenges and is quite similar to Tashua Knolls, my home course. Walking 9 this morning cost all of $13!

I shot a 46 but could have easily been 2/3 shots better if I could simply get my putter going. 3 three putts is not what I'm looking for :)

This week's stats so far:
4 days
45 holes played
64 shots over par
1 birdie
5 new Golf is Hard TV episodes filmed
1 Quadruple bogey
3+ record setting drives of ~270 yards
1 new course (Fairchild Wheeler)


Birdies to follow

>> July 15, 2009

Just after reading Marc's description of his ball rolling back to its starting point, I saw David Feherty on TV roll a ball on the 16th at Turnberry in Scotland, site of the British Open this week. I could not help but feel Marc's pain...almost seems unfair after a good shot. At Turnberry, on the 16th hole, it is likely that if players do not get the ball far enough onto the green with their approach shot, it will roll back off the green...into a creek. Keep an eye out for painful facial expressions on this hole. They may even look live average golfers!

What I like most about watching the (British) Open...I can watch golf at the crack of dawn (or whenever I wake up), with breakfast.

I predict that Marc will make at least 2 birdies before the week is out. He and I are playing Saturday morning at 6:30 (we couldn't get the 5:30 tee time). He will make a bird....btw Marc, we are playing the blue tees! Tape the Open.

Golf lingo quiz: what does "buzz his tower" mean?

How about, "hockey sticks"?

Tiger hits it at 4:09 ET on Thursday...may not be up for that!


Golf Week, Day 3... OMG Those Greens are Insane

The week of golf continues (6 days, 6 rounds of golf...) at the Woodhaven Country Club in Bethany, CT. All I can say about this 9 hole course is that the greens are.. stunningly hard at times. I managed to lose my scorecard this afternoon but see on the web that the slope from the blue tees is 128. That's hard, right?

Here's a sample of one hole...

I was lying 3 on par 4 after hitting a great chip shot to about 15 feet. Pin high (very high). My putt was going to break a tad to the left and was uphill about 10 feet or so. I nailed the line and I thought it was in... the ball stopped maybe 3 inches short and started to roll back a tiny bit.

Then it rolled faster. And faster. It didn't stop until it was almost back to where it started.

Deep breath.

I lined it up again and hit my shot again. I did it again - the same exact thing. It took me a total of 4 putts and I ended up with a shiny 8.

I shot a 52 which, all things considered isn't bad. Either way, day 3 is in the books!

This week's stats so far:
3 days
36 holes played
53 shots over par
0 birdies
5 new Golf is Hard TV episodes filmed
1 Quadruple bogey
1 record setting drive, 270 yards


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 53 - Driving Lessons

I recently won a Nike Str8-Fit driver from my friends at OOBGolf.com and have been excited to hit it. A great refresher lesson from Coach Dave helped me hit it straight - and a new record distance of about 270 in a recent round.


The Week Continues - Day 2

>> July 14, 2009

Ahhh, another day, another round of golf. Today's round featured myself and Coach Dave at Tashua Knolls and ended with us shooting 5 brand new Golf is Hard TV episodes which I'll be editing and posting soon!

I played well today - putted extremely well on the back 9 and actually felt like I had some nice touch on several chip shots. I still am miserable in hitting fairways, but today was better as I'm getting used to my new Nike Str8-fit driver.

This week's stats so far:
2 days
27 holes played
36 shots over par
0 birdies
5 new Golf is Hard TV episodes filmed


My "Week" of Golf - Day 1

>> July 13, 2009

This week, I've decided that I need to play golf every day, starting today Monday July 13th. We'll be shooting some new shows tomorrow the 14th, but today I played 9 with my 2 daughters on the terrific executive course here in Trumbull known as "Tashua Glen."

I played well for the first 4 holes, making bogey on all of them. I hit some terrific gap wedge shots and putted well. Unfortunately, the last 4 holes fell apart when I doubled #5 after missing an extremely easy putt for bogey. I sliced a ball into the woods on #6 and doubled it as well, again missing a short putt for bogey after a pin seeker that stopped about 8 feet past the hole.

While I'm really enjoying my new "Heavy Putter," it's taking some time to get used to it. I three putted the last 5 holes, coming up short on long putts every time. The weight of the putter is a tad distracting, but the more I use it, the more I like how it feels in my hands.

Tomorrow, Coach Dave and I are playing 18, but I've got no firm plans after that until Saturday... either way though, the goal is to play some golf every day this week!

This week's stats so far:
1 day
9 holes played
+13 over par


Holy Cow: Nike SQ Dymo Str8-Fit

Imagine to my surprise the e-mail I got from my friends at OOBGolf that I had won something! Not only did I win their Golf Addict monthly prize but the prize turned out to be a Nike SQ Dymo Str8-Fit driver! Schaweetness!

I played a round with it the other day and for starters, it's a sweet looking club that has an adjustable head. I need to learn more, but the club pro helped me set it to "straight"while I get used to the club.

The other thing about this club is that the shaft is an inch longer than my current driver - which is causing me to slice the ball a bit more than I have been. That said, when I hit it right with this new club... holy cow, it goes far.

If you haven't yet checked out OOBGolf, be sure to take a peek. There are lots of sites that will help you track scores, but none with a slicker interface and fun charts to play with.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 52 - Putter Tech

>> July 9, 2009

Golf is Hard TV Episode 52 tackles putter technology. Grab your putter and find out about face balanced and droopy putters.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 51 - Puttering Around

>> June 30, 2009

We're back with another episode talking about putting... Golf is Hard TV, episode 51 will have you puttering around.


Jimmy is Playing with his Wii

>> June 26, 2009

Fun video from Jimmy Fallon's show playing the new (and amazing) Tiger Woods 10 on the Wii. I promise, my review is coming soon!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 50 - Heavy Putter Part 2

>> June 23, 2009

Dave continues his chat with Heavy Putter's Stephen Boccieri in Golf is Hard TV episode 50 (yes, 50!!).



Golf is Hard TV - Episode 49 - Heavy Putter Part 1

>> June 20, 2009

We spent some time with the guys from Heavy Putter and are thrilled to present Golf is Hard TV episode #49 featuring owner Stephen Boccieri. Learn more at http://www.heavyputter.com

Golf is Hard TV website
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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 48 - A Touch of Etiquette

>> June 17, 2009

Golf is a game of etiquette for sure. Episode 48 of Golf is Hard TV shows you some common errors and features a few live demonstrations of "bad etiquette.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 47 - Putting Direction

>> June 9, 2009

Which way did it go? Golf is Hard TV episode 47 helps you get the ball going the right direction!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 46 - Judging Putting Distance

>> June 6, 2009

Episode #46 Golf is Hard TV is all about improving how you judge putting distances. Don't leave it short or shoot it 15' past the hole!


Free Download: Club Distance Cheat Sheet

>> June 5, 2009

One of the things I've noticed as I've begun to improve is that my distances are all over the place. Most recently, I realized I'm hitting a 7 iron to about 150 yards, which is a full 20 yards or more than I was hitting it last year (thanks Coach Dave!).

Golf is Hard TV has developed this easy to use and super handy cheat sheet for you to throw into your pocket so you can have a reference guide during your round. Check it out on our free golf download page now and enjoy it.

Don't you just love free stuff?


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 45 -1-2-3-4 Tempo

>> June 3, 2009

Does your swing have tempo? Why do you even need tempo? What is the right rhythm for your swing? Check out Golf is Hard Episode 45 to learn more in our first episode on tempo.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 44 - Watching Golfers Again

>> May 31, 2009

Another Golf is Hard TV feature episode of us "sitting around watching golfers". In this episode, we're sitting again on #9 at Tashua Glen (http://www.tashuaknolls.com), a terrific par 5 finishing hole.

Golf is Hard TV website
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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 43 - The International

>> May 27, 2009

We're out golfing again, this time at the gorgeous and amazing "The International" in Bolton, MA. Enjoy episode 43 of Golf is Hard TV!

Visit the Golf is Hard TV website!

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"Bang On" Zune

>> May 26, 2009

Hello again GIH Fans!

Here are a couple of recent emails and questions from your fellow fans, we wanted to be sure you had the chance to enjoy them as much as we have.

Thanks Eddie and Dave for your questions and comments!

From Eddie S:

I just discovered your shows. I love it. I down loaded all of them on my Zune so I can take to the course with me. I will continue to follow you guys.

From Dave in Scotland:

Guys, could you so something on ball below the feet (hanging lies) and ball above the feet? Cheers

To Dave in Scotland:

Hi Dave, Great idea! We will do an episode on uneven (hanging) lies. For now, be sure to aim to the right (if you are right-handed) when the ball is above your feet and grip down about the same distance the ball is above your feet. The more loft on the club the more right you need to aim. We will get into why this happens. Practice some shots to get a feel. For a ball below your feet, you will need extra knee flex to get down to the ball, aim to the left and concentrate on keeping your balance and keeping your eyes on the ball thru the shot. This will get you going for know, keep an eye out for video. Thanks for your note, hope all is well in Scotland.

Coach Dave

Dave's (Scotland) reply:

Thanks for the response! I'm telling anyone who will listen about what you guys are doing. Your approach is bang on. d


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 42 - Golf Sigma

>> May 25, 2009

Golf is Hard TV Episode 42 features Golf Sigma - a great way to book online tee times. Rich and the guys at Golf Sigma reached out to show me their site and after looking at it, knew I had to do another tour.

Visit our website http://www.golfishardtv.com and follow us on Twitter!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 41 - Uphill Lies

>> May 22, 2009

What's worse than a steep downhill lie? An uphill lie of course! Golf is Hard episode 42 explores the dreaded uphill lie.

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Where's My Beach Towel?

>> May 19, 2009

Played a quick 9 tonight after work - the weather was gorgeous and the course was wonderfully empty and quiet.

I started badly as usual, making double bogey on #1, a long and straight par 5. Then I went bogey, bogey on the next two and I was actually feeling pretty good after hitting some really solid shots. On the 4th at Tashua Knolls, a par 4 dogleg left hole with bunkers all around the green I found myself in the sand.

No kidding, I thought back to episode 38 and opened my club face wayyyy up to the point where I thought Coach Dave would say, OK, that's far enough. I took a deep breath and a full swing. The ball floated high up and over the lip and gently landed on the fringe and rolled to about 10 feet! I made bogey and continued my round.

On the 9th hole, I teed off with a god awful duck hook that actually ended up on the far side of #1, about 50 yards left. I spotted the 150 yard marker and pulled out a 3 hybrid as I eyed a big bunker sitting right in front of the green.

I hit a terrific 2nd shot that looked great but ended up in the bunker. I was nervous and excited to give my new sand skills a whirl and again, opened my club face wayyyy open, then turned it just a tad further, hearing Dave in my head saying "more, more, more."

Once again, a took a full swing and once again, the ball lofted up and out of the bunker, landing 20 feet from the hole and rolled down towards the pin, stopping about about 12 feet, pin high.

Wouldn't you know it, son of a gun, I made par with a firm putt and was totally shocked. That's what Golf is Hard TV is all about!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 40 - Downhill Lies

I like rolling down hills, spinning out of control like some crazed 6 year old. I do not however, like a severe downhill lie while playing golf. That said, Golf is Hard TV episode 40 teaches us the basics of how to play this shot.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 39 - Watching Average Golfers

>> May 13, 2009

We're taking a risk here at Golf is Hard TV. Episode 39 was a blast to film but might very well bore you to tears, let's see what happens. We sat down and watched as some golfers finish up their round at the 9th on Tashua Glen, a local executive course. In this episode, we also meet Mike who for some reason, decides to toss his ball away after making birdie.

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National Golf Day - Sign the Petition Now!

>> May 12, 2009

The golf industry provides jobs to over 2 million people in the US, with a total wage income of $61 billion and raises approximately $3.5 BILLION for charitable causes every year.

Go forth and sign the petition and show your Congressional Leaders that Golf is important to you and you have been impacted positively by the game we love.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 38 - Day at the Beach

>> May 9, 2009

In our last Golf is Hard TV bunker episode for now, Marc finally learns what opening the face really means. This is classic average golfer stuff and is a great lesson on something simple that will improve your game immediately.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 37 - Sand Wedges

>> May 5, 2009

Learn all about the Sand Wedge as Coach Dave talks about bounce, moving dirt and lots more. Golf is Hard TV episode 37 is all about the sand wedge! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and remember to visit the Golf is Hard TV web site.


Book Review: Better Recreational Golf

>> April 30, 2009

I had a chance to read "Better Recreational Golf: Improve Your Game in the Time You Have" after the author (Bob Jones!) emailed me and sent me a copy of this terrific book (how's that for full disclosure?!).

While I very much appreciated what Mr. Jones tried to accomplish with his book, I think video would have helped very much explain some of the concepts and drills in the book. That said, I did want to point out that even so, this book is aimed perfectly at that golfer who just doesn't have enough time to practice but wants to continue to improve their game.

I absolutely loved the tempo and impact ball drills and very much appreciated the recreational golfer perspective. For example, giving up some yards with a smaller turn could actually help save your back, and keep you playing longer! Now that's some good advice.

I was intrigued by the suggestion in the chapter on chipping that recreational golfers use a 5-iron from around the green, and consider it a lofted putter. That might be worth trying!

I also very much appreciated that the book repeatedly talks about getting lessons from a local pro - smart advice and an acknowledgment that a book alone isn't going to solve all of our golfing problems.

My favorite part of the book though, has to be the game strategy chapter. Bob talks a lot about thinking shots through and making safe plays. He includes breakdowns of par 3, 4 and 5 holes, and how to think about when to go for a good score, and when to simply avoid a horrible hole.

All in all, I totally recommend this book, but be prepared for a bit of confusion in some of the more complex drill examples. They don't translate that well to book format, though there are plenty of photos to try to offset that! Here's another link to the buy the book!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 36 - Bunker Concepts

>> April 29, 2009

We kick off a new 3 episode series on bunker play. Episode 36 features Coach Dave talking about some basic bunker concepts to get you started.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 35 - Chipping Contest

>> April 28, 2009

As we were filming a bunch of new lessons (stay tuned for bunker, uphill and downhill lie episodes), we decided to do a quick chipping contest to see who would crack under pressure... Watch episode 35 to see if Marc and take on Coach Dave V or it is a blow out.

Remember, follow Golf is Hard TV on Twitter and visit our amazing website,


Improving Short Games in Scotland!

Dave, Thanks sending your thoughts, we are excited to hear that your short game is getting better and you are enjoying it. Have fun out there!

Dave & Marc


I've been fighting with a rubbish short game for years. Your chipping vids have transformed my short game, I now actually understand what I'm trying to achieve.Sessions on the short game practice area are now a joy!

Thanks!!!Dave, Scotland


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 34 - Business Golf Country Club

>> April 25, 2009

Here's another golf social network you might not be aware of... Golf is Hard TV episode 34 features the "Business Golf Country Club." This social network is a terrific site that is growing quickly. Unlike the more general golf social networks aimed at players, this one is more about the golf business and is a great place to network if you have a golf business or are thinking of starting one.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and to visit our website Golf is Hard TV.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 33 - Trip to the Range

>> April 23, 2009

I was traveling in Washington State and only had time for a very quick trip to the range. With no clubs and only an hour or so to spare, I hit a large bucket of balls at the Redwood Golf Center. Redwood Golf center's tagline "Swing a buck a day, slice your fat away!" convinced me that this was the place! Next time I am out there, I'll hit it again for sure.

Please do send us your videos and we'll analyze what's ailing you.. be sure, as in this video to send in a side shot and one from behind. My cell phone is a piece of crap and wasn't wide enough to get my head, so just do you best!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and to visit Golf is Hard TV web site

The music playing softly in the background is from here: http://podsafeaudio.com/jamroom/bands/2019/


Concentrate on Being Great!

>> April 21, 2009

OK.. I just love this commercial. I love it because it is so totally different than anything else out there.. and because The Jungle Book simply rocks the house!

Don't forget to focus through the ficus.

It doesn't hurt to have the amazing Sam Jackson voice the commercial either!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 32 - Rules for the Rest of Us

Golf is Hard TV Episode 32 is all about rules. We take a peek inside the rule book and have a little chat about mulligans.

Don't forget to visit our website http://www.golfishardtv.com or visit us on Twitter.

Ain't golf great?


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 31 - The Golf Space

>> April 19, 2009

It's time for another golf social networking tour - Golf is Hard TV episode 31 focuses on The Golf Space (http://www.thegolfspace.com), who just celebrated their 3rd year in existence! The Golf Space is a great site to meet golfers, track your scores and lots more!

Follow us on Twitter and visit our website http://www.golfishardtv.com


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 30 - Reggie's Swing

>> April 16, 2009

We love when you send us videos! Golf is Hard TV , Episode 30 is all about Reggie... Reggie sent us a short clip, and Golf is Hard takes some time to talk about what Reggie might do to improve his game. Send in more videos by uploading to any online video service (Blip, Youtube, Viddler, etc). Be sue to include a side and "down the line" view!

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 29 - Chipping Visualization

>> April 14, 2009

Golf is Hard TV gets back to lessons... Episode 29 rounds out or initial chipping shows with a show that will help you visualize the perfect shot.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/golfishard and to visit the Golf is Hard TV website!


What Kind of Golfer Are You?

>> April 13, 2009

(Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/volleynerd/61150961/)

Recently, Golf is Hard TV ran a survey asking how aggressive you are on the golf course. Do you typically lay up, go for it or always play safe.

The results were:

  • Risk taker: I always go for it 26%
  • Moderate: I tend to lay up 65%
  • Safe: I always lay up 8%

For me (this is Marc posting), in almost all cases, I think the answer is "it depends." In asking myself this question however, I started to think about my own playing habits, and in some cases, the decisions I make off the golf course. I'm wondered if my risk taking on the golf couse matches my poker playing style, my approach and work, and in life in general.

In sports, gaming and fun, I tend to be a go for the glory kind of guy. There is nothing like that feelng of hitting a bottom of the 9th bomb to win it all or sinking a last second 3 pointer to win a game. Similarly, it's an enormous amount of fun to double down in blackjack, and is there a person on the planet that wouldn't get a thrill from saying "I'm all in." Doubtful! I also happen to be a notoriously aggressive chess and monopoly player!

In my personal and business life, I tend to play it a tad safer, but I've certainly taken my share of big career and personal risks as well. I've taken jobs that paid thousands of dollars less because I saw opportunities for the future. I got married early, went to college thousands of miles away from home and risked being a "goddamn independant" instead of joining a fraternity in college.

What does it mean for me on the golf course? It means when the time is right, if you are playing against me, I'm probably pretty easy to bait into doing dumb things for the thrill of it. There is one shot in particular I can't seem to avoid trying... anything over water or a long iron shot into the teeth of a bunker. In my head, that's a shot at glory... something I can't seem to resist!

What about you - are you a risky golfer? Does your risking taking of the course match how you are off the course? Let us know!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 28 - Tiger Woods Masters Classic

>> April 11, 2009

Let's hope Tiger gets it going soon - our latest episode (#28!) of Golf is Hard TV celebrates one of Eldrick's more classic moments - once again in our own unique GIHtv way.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and on our web site, Golf is Hard TV.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 27 - 1986 Masters Classic Moment

>> April 9, 2009

Golf is Hard TV is proud to present a new type of show where we celebrate classic moments in Golf, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style (that means, we talk over the announcers and attempt to be funny). It's Masters week, so we're kicking this off with a classic from 1986 and a man named Jack.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 26 - The Masters

>> April 7, 2009

Episode 26 kicks off our 2009 Masters coverage - we get started with a review of a terrific book called, amazingly, "The Masters."

You can check out the book on Amazon here. This book compiles 101 reasons to love the Masters and is a worthy read. We put our own unique GIHtv spin on this book review, and hope you'll enjoy it.

Remember to follow us on Twitter!


GIH's Tribute to the Masters

It has to be the most exciting golf week of the year, can't believe it's April already and Masters week is upon us. Mark and I will be taking a closer (and slightly different) look at some memorable moments in Masters history...so keep an eye out here at Golf is Hard TV, coming this week. Go get 'em Tiger and oh yeah...watch out for the Shark, I have a feeling he will be in the mix on the weekend.


Golf is Hard TV Interview: Sandbox8.com

>> April 6, 2009

I spent some time with Rob from Sandbox8.com, the terrific golf equipment review site he started a few years ago. Rob's a great guy and we had a fun conversation via Skype. I recorded the chat, but unfortunately, all you hear is me and my heavy breathing. For one reason or another, I didn't capture Rob's half of our chat.

That said, I wanted to talk a bit about Sandbox8.com and some of what Rob has been up to. Let's start with an example of why his site is so good - check out this video:

What really resonated with me is how closely related our goals are - we both want to appeal to the "average golfer" and have built video based sites to really connect with as many golfers as possible. Sandbox8.com's traffic is skyrocketing and because of Rob's terrific reviews, it's easy to see why folks keep coming back to hear him talk about golf equipment.

We spent a few minutes talking about the idea of emerging sites like ours that cover golf in a new and non-traditional way, and I think we both agree that we're on to something big!

We also talked about Rob's game - he's a mid-handicapper who has been taking quite a few lessons. It sounds like he's improved quite a bit which is terrific - but more importantly he's got a real passion for the game which makes him someone that both Dave and I can really relate to. Be sure to check out Sandbox8.com if you haven't already - Rob's got a few great new posts up including one on the Masters.

I apologize that the audio didn't work out, I continue to look for software that will allow me to conduct online video interviews and chats with interesting folks from in and around the world of golf.


Free Golf Evaluation and Checklist Tool

>> April 5, 2009

Golf is Hard TV is at it again and this time, Coach Dave has a very special (and free) gift for you! We've developed a free golf self-evaluation tool that you can download right now. Just visit this download page and pick it up for yourself!

The self-evaluation tool is a great way to take stock of your game and find areas of improvement. The evaluation also has some fun questions designed to make you smile (and watch more Golf is Hard TV), and also provides simple instructions how how to share your swing with us online!

Send us your comments and feedback, we've got a few more ideas for free downloads designed to help your golf game coming soon.

To get your free evaluation and checklist tool, visit or downloads page.

UPDATE: The auto-responder was a total FAIL... it's just easier to give you think link and let you go download the document from here!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 25 - Chipping Part 2

>> April 4, 2009

In our 2nd chipping episode, Golf is Hard TV continues to teach you the basics of good posture, grip and how to properly chip the golf ball around the greens.


The Official Golf is Hard TV Press Announcement

>> April 3, 2009

Without an official press release, you don't exist, right? If that's so.. then we're now officially official!

Golf is Hard TV is the golf show for the rest of us
Golf is Hard TV is a new internet golf show designed and produced for the "average golfer" like you! We focus on basic lessons and do fun and interesting shows about the great game of golf.

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 02, 2009 – Golf is a great game, but is commonly thought of as a sport played by elite or rich people with too much time on their hands. Golf is Hard TV disagrees and created the show as a way to reach the more casual and average golfer with a terrific mix of instructional and entertainment content.

Read the full Golf is Hard TV press release and tell your friends! You can also download a PDF version of the press release.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 24 - Chipping Overview

>> April 2, 2009

The first in a 3 episode series on chipping, episode 24 starts with the basic concepts you need to chip better. Get chipping right, and you will score better in a hurry.

Hurry to twitter to follow us


Nike Night at Golf Galaxy

>> April 1, 2009

Coach Dave and I went up to Golf Galaxy tonight to check out "Nike Night" and scope out some good deals. I dig Golf Galaxy mostly because of the used bins of golf clubs - it's like a fun treasure hunt, and I usually come away with something fantastic.

Tonight, I was tempted to buy a new gap wedge to match my TaylorMade irons, but managed to hold off! The big event was the putting contest. I hit a gorgeous putt that... how can I put this delicately... it basically went in but instead of dropping into the cup, the carpet pushed it back. That close to getting into a playoff to win a new Nike putter. Darn it!

Golf Galaxy has been really aggressive in running different events, I noticed a flyer for a "women only" night coming up soon as well which I thought was a great idea.

I ended up buying a shag bag which will help my back a bit - my last trip to the range included way too much bending over (wow, I'm lame!).


Swing Analysis - Peter


Thank you for sending us a video of your swing. I have a couple of simple suggestions that should show immediate results, they are related to the fundamentals of grip and posture.

These adjustments will all occur before your swing, so right now there are no swing changes to make, rather, your swing will adjust based on these changes. Important: try your hardest to stick with the changes until they become comfortable (they will not at first, which is good).

Lastly, after you have given this some time and feel you are ready to move on, try to take the next video from 2 angles: 1) directly behind you in line with the target, 2) directly in front of you so you are hitting the ball off to the right side of the screen. THIS APPLIES TO ALL VIDEO THAT IS SENT TO GIHTV and will give us the BEST chance to help out;

Peter, here are the changes (which you can go back and review on past episodes as often as necessary):

Grip - the club appears to be in the palms and your hands are turned much too far in the clockwise direction. Put the club in your fingers and rotate your hands back so your thumbs are at 1:00 (now they are at 3:00). This will give your hands a chance to rotate better and wrists cocking ability, leading to more power with less effort. KEEP GRIP PRESSURE VERY LIGHT. Review Grip episodes.

Posture - You are too far back on your heels, which is causing you to lift your arms at address to make room to swing. Move weight to balls of feet, much less knee flex, bend from the hips to let arms hang straight down in front of you. Now you will have room to swing. Review Posture episodes.

OK Peter, keep us posted, send us new video in month or so and any questions you may have along the way. Good luck.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 22 - World Golf Tour

>> March 31, 2009

Yes, I skipped an episode number in order to get that Charles Barkley name that swing episode out first... I didn't have time to re-render the titles so I just let it fly... in any case - back to our Golf Social Networking tour!

World Golf Tour (www.worldgolftour.com) is pretty incredible. It's the 3rd on my list of golf social networks and is Golf is Hard Episode 22! A tad light on more traditional "social networking features, WGT more than makes up for things with the most realistic virtual golf game in the world.

P.S. - You will notice that the video of me stutters a bit - WGT is a fairly intense application and can really slow your machine down - especially if you are playing while trying to record your screen!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 23 - Charles Barkley Swing

>> March 29, 2009

Name that Swing is a new Golf is Hard TV Segment where we imitate a famous golf swing! In our first name that swing, Marc takes on Charles Barkely and his terrific looking golf swing.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 21 - OOBGolf

>> March 27, 2009

Let's continue the tour of golf social networks... this time with the very slick, very cool OOBGolf.com. I used this site quite a bit last season for keeping track of scores because they make it so easy! Enjoy the tour! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 20 - Stracka.com

>> March 26, 2009

I have no idea what "Stracka" means - but I do know a terrific golf social network when I see one! Stracka.com is just such a beast and in this Golf is Hard TV episode, I give it a spin and talk about some of my favorite features.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 19 - The Products Show

>> March 25, 2009

Episode 19 is our first "product" show where we talk about and review different golf products. In this show, we take a look at Cleatskins (www.cleatskins.com) and open a mystery box from Forte Promotions (www.fortepromo.com). If you have products you want us to talk about, contact us and we'll see what we can do!


Swing Thoughts Contest Winners!

>> March 24, 2009

I'm thrilled to announce the winners of our first ever Golf is Hard TV contest! If you recall, we announced this first contest "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" back on February 20th, 2009. While the response wasn't overwhelming, we did get a few terrific submissions. I'm thrilled to announce the winners here today (along with selected submissions). Winners should expect their box of Swing Reminders within a week or so.

I've listed out some of my personal favorite entries below... the winners are in bold and happen to be the last 3 in the list!

  • Andy: "Don't miss it or top it"
  • Alan: "Thumbs Down" (not surprising since that's what his book is about!)
  • Coach Dave: "Low and slow"
  • Marc (me!): "Just relax"
  • WINNER: Golfsupple: "Lead with your left"
  • WINNER: Peter: "The more you know the more you don't know"
  • WINNER: Hugh: "Load..........fire...........and admire"
Congrats to the winners, Peter, Hugh and Golfsupple!

As an aside.. the phrase "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" comes from a legend. It tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner.


Clambake Cafe

I recently join a terrific new online golf community called "Business Golf Country Club," which is hosted by Scot Duke. The site is a terrific social networkwith the tagline "Where golf and business merge...." It's definitely worth checking out if you are interested in the world of business golf.

Scot hosts a weekly podcast called "The Clambake Cafe" where he talks about different issues around golf and does an interview with a different golf business owner or personality. This week, yours truly is the guest. I'm talking about Golf is Hard TV, giving you my ultimate business foursome (Gates, Buffett and Obama!) and much more. I had a great time chatting with Scot and encourage you to check out the podcast and everything Scot is up to as well.



Golf is Hard TV - Episode 18 - First Round

>> March 23, 2009

It was pretty cold, but we braved the elements and got in our first round of the year here in CT. As we get outside to play more, we'll shoot more and more episodes on the course, giving you inside tips and strategies on how to improve your game.

Episode 18 features on course action, Coach Dave imitating a certain pro golfer and much more... enjoy it!

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Dave's First Round

Well, as Marc said, it was great to get out on the course for the first time. It started out with multiple layers of clothing for the 10 am start, but by noon we were warming up and shedding the top layer. Of course, I kept the hat on for most of the round, as you will see in the video. I had very low expectations for the day, just get out and have some fun. I figured that if I could swing with decent rhythm, then I would hit some good shots (I only remember the good shots by the way). So, I hit some great drives (some with Marc's driver) and my short game wasn't bad either. Definitely something to build on for next round. As far as Marc's putting, easy to fix. He will be in the 80s by the end of this year.

Thanks for your comments from Sweden 'Backspin', sorry to hear it's still snowing there but guessing you will be out soon. In the meantime, work on those basement putting drills.



First Round of the Year

>> March 22, 2009

It started so well.

I made par on my first hole of the season!

It didn't go quite that well the rest of the round, but even so, my first round of the year was a lot of fun. It was terrific to get back out on the course and felt great to just be out there. I'll post some video from the round once I get a chance to edit it. There are a few choice words I have to remove!

I'm sure Dave will comment about his own round, but for me, it was extremely encouraging to hit the ball as well as I did today. I'm really excited about playing this year and am hopeful that my scores will go down dramatically through the year.

My driver was good, if inconsistent. I hit it straight except for one hole where I really, really sliced it hard right. Other than that, the fairway wood felt great as did my hybrids. I'm going to have to really focus some energy on making putts though. I was well on my way to 40 putts if I had played all 18 holes. I only played 13 holes today because I had to coach my daughter's softball team this afternoon.

Stay tuned for more Golf is Hard TV shows this week, we've got some golf goodness coming up including shows giving you a personal tours of the different golf social networks including Stracka, OOBGolf and The Golf Space.


The Anticipation is Killing Me!

>> March 21, 2009

Despite feeling like junk today, I dragged myself to the range to hit some balls and get in some work in anticipation of my first round of the year tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'll have to cut it short as I have a softball practice to run 4 hours after I tee-off which sort of stinks. Either way though, I literally am jumping out of my skin looking forward to kicking off what is sure to be the greatest golf season of my life!

Yes, I'm pretty jacked up...

At the range, I hit the ball pretty well and am really loving my new Nike driver. I've been working really hard on my posture in particular and can really feel the difference when I get it right. That said, I think I may be standing up as I make contact with the ball. Plenty to work on for sure!

I also had a chance to get some chipping and putting work in which was nice. I have a lot to learn in that part of my game, I feel like I have stone hands and hit everything either way to soft, or I completely crush it. That said, I hit some great shots today using my sand wedge out of fairly deep rough onto the green.

More to come tomorrow for sure!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 17 - The Hat Show!

>> March 20, 2009

My favorite show so far, Golf is Hard TV explores the world of golf hats, looking at various styles and discussing the finer points of head gear. What's your favorite hat to wear on the course?


Home of Golf TV

>> March 19, 2009

One of the best things about the Internet is meeting new and interesting people from around the world. Andy, from Home of Golf TV seems like a great guy and is producing some terrific online videos that I wanted to share.

I'm reposting his first episode because it really sets the stage for what he's up to but would mention that he managed to snag some time with Nick Faldo recently.

Keep up the great work Andy - we ALWAYS need more great golf shows!


What's in Marc's Bag?

>> March 18, 2009

Find the Fairways.com is giving away some great golf freebies... to enter the contest write a blog post (that's what this is) about "What’s in your golf bag?" And you can also tag another golfer! I’ve been tagged by two bloggers... Scott from Swing Reminders and Pink Diva Golf. How lucky am I to have been tagged twice! Yes!

What kind of golf bag?

  • Black Slazenger Stand Bag
What clubs?
  • Driver: Nike 4450 I think... ($99 bucks with stiff shaft straight out of the used bin at Golf Galaxy!). Can't wait to play it for the first time soon.
  • TaylorMade R5 3 Wood
  • Tommy Armour 855 - love these hybrids!
  • TaylorMade rac OS2 Irons
  • Odyssey White Hot blade putter
  • Warrior (beware of spam) wedges
What else is in Marc's bag?
  • Tees
  • Various pencils, ball markers and more
  • Swing reminders
  • Tape (for my fingers)
  • 2 or 3 gloves (no particular brand, whatever is cheap)
  • Tons of balls
  • A few sleeves of RAW balls
  • Old bag of chips
  • Half full water bottle
What’s the most important piece of kit in the bag that’s not a club, ball, glove or towel?
Tape for my fingers. Makes me feel like Tiger.

Do you carry a lucky charm?

Not really... if anything it's my FSU ball marker.

What’s the oldest thing in your golf bag?

Probably a bag of chips or a water bottle that I forget about

Which is your favorite club?
My 5 hybrid.

Ok... I am supposed to "Bag Tag" four others.

Coach Dave (he can post here!)

Carlos at Itaara Golf

Brian and Chuck at Sweet Spot Golf

Coach Joey or Ken at Golf Gym


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 16 - Alignment

Golf is Hard TV episode 16 shows you how to get properly aligned for hitting the golf ball in our own unique way! This lesson includes great tips and ideas for making sure you get set up right from the start!

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What Kind of Golfer Are You?

>> March 17, 2009

I love these commercials! Good timing too considering our latest poll... (look on the right side) and tell us what kind of golfer you are... risk taker, moderate or if you layup as a rule.

As for me, I'm moderate until you challenge me... in poker and in golf, I like the rush of "going for it." Bad idea usually, but fun for sure - and usually good for a laugh.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 15 - Bobby Brown

>> March 15, 2009

We are crazy about our home course here in Trumbull, CT - Tashua Knolls. "TK" is public (it's a GREAT VALUE for residents) and is a 27-hole facility that features an original par 72 golf course and a terrific 9 hole, kid friendly course. Bobby Brown is the GM and runs a fantastic program. Coach Dave spends a few minutes with Bobby catching up on old times and talks about the golf course, getting it ready for the season and youth golf. Learn more, and play Tashua Knolls this year!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 14 - Posture "2"

>> March 13, 2009

Part 2 of "Posture" was shot outside and features some great information for your swing and your game. Enjoy it!

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Pardon Me

While I fix Episode 14, Posture 2... what a mess! Coming soon!


Inspiration, Incorporated

I want to start this blog post off with some trivia:

What is the only movie that I've cried watching, and that makes me cry more every time I watch it? I'll give you the answer below after talking about inspiration in golf, and in life.

This week has been filled with some amazing moments and terrific conversations. It started out on Monday, when my 4th grade, 6th out of 7th ranked daughter's basketball team (I'm the coach) upset the #3 ranked team in the playoffs. If that wasn't enough, we went on to shock the #2 team on Wednesday night after jumping out to a 10-0 lead. At the end of that game, I found myself standing center court watching my girls jump up and down with each other in pure celebration and joy. I got the chills just thinking about this week as I was typing this blog post. You can follow my coaching journey on my "other blog" about coaching youth sports.

Last night, I had the pleasure of spending more than an hour on the phone with Phil Bundy. If you haven't yet heard about him, get ready. Phil is on a personal quest to play on the PGA Tour. More importantly is why he's on that quest. Phil takes his own inspiration from his son Charlie. Phil's quest really, if you think about it hard is about showing Charlie that life is all about dreaming big and having the clarity and guts to go for it.

As a parent, Phil has reminds us all of what is really important in life. As an entrepreneur, he's given me the inspiration to push forward with Golf is Hard TV. As a golf fan, he's given me hope that I'll have a new favorite to root for on Sundays. As a parent, he's pure validation that I'm on the right track.

One more story before I tell you what movie makes me cry. This one is best delivered via video (see below). I heard about D.J. Gregory a few months ago and chose to ignore it. But like all great stories and all great leaders, D.J.'s story is not going away. I heard about him again this morning on sports talk radio and raced to my computer to find this video:

I'm not a good enough writer to add anything else to D.J.'s story.

As for what movie gets me every time... Rudy of course. Not only is Rudy's story amazing and inspirational, but Sean Astin will forever in my heart be one of my favorite actors because of it.

Where do you take your inspiration from? Who inspires you to get out of bed every day? Tell me, tell me!


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