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Winter Sux

>> December 23, 2007

Happy holidays all!

Living in CT has it's big time downsides... the golfing here stinks when it snows.

I'm halfway through Rotella's book "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" and learning a lot. It's good reading for winter golfers because so much of what he is saying is about the mental game.


The Last Round

>> November 18, 2007

Played my last round of the year (most likely) a week ago. After an hour frost delay, the greens were extremely tough. Some were frozen, and some were muddy. It was odd. My putting was horrible, and I missed 4 par chances, which is 3 more par chances than I ususally miss on any given day.

After starting horribly, I settled in and ended up with a 100 on the nose (give or take a mulligan). I was disappointed at first, then realized that I'm averaging a 98 in my last two rounds. This year was a total success on the golf course.

Interestingly, I didn't pull my driver out of my bag once in either of those rounds. I managed to tee-off with my 3 hybrid which I hit about 200 yards. I think next year that I'll try to figure out my driver and will most certainly have to work on length.

That said, course management is finally something I need to consider, especially mid-iron range shots. Once I started hitting the ball somewhat consistently earlier this year, I started to realize that I need to be more strategic playing my 2nd and 3rd shots. I'm pretty good from about 40-60 yards with my gap wedge, and very good from about 120-130 with my 8 iron.

I think I'll try to play to those spots next year and see if I can lose a few more strokes. I'd love to shoot under 95 next year, maybe even get close to 90 (I'm a dreamer).

Just for the hell of it, and so I can remember, here's my club list with estimated distances.

GW 70 yards
PW 100 yards
9I 110 yards
8I 120 yards
7I 130-140 yards
6I 150 yards
5I 160 yards
3I 180-190 yards
4Hy 160-180 yards
3Hy 180-190 yards
Driver 200-220 yards (150 with a 40 yard slice)

In the meantime as the weather gets colder, I'm engrossed with Tiger Woods '08 on my Nintendo DS. If any of you play, leave a comment and we can become "friends" and play against each other online.


Holy Cow!

>> November 4, 2007

It's a cinderalla story - I shot a sweet 96 today, over coming 2 triples and a disaster hole by dropping in 4 pars and a stack 'o bogeys. The weather here in CT was unreal after a big storm passed by on Saturday. Sweetness!

Best round ever, doh!


It Figures

>> October 23, 2007

I was out of my mind with golf goodness on Sunday. +12 on the front 9 at Tashua is a new record - and I had a solid chance of actually making my goal this year of breaking 100. Unfortunately, I had a softball game to coach and had to leave after the 11th hole after 2 more bogeys. I added it up as if I played all 18 assuming I played a little worse on the back 9 and came up with a 96... holy cow! 96 is good! Sweetness!

Figures I had to leave early (or maybe it was a good thing?).

Meanwhile, I had coffee with someone this morning who totally HOOOOOOKED me up with some golf books that I cannot wait to read...

Putting Out of Your Mind - Rotella
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect - Rotella
Golf is a Game of Confidence - Rotella
The Scorecard Always Lies - Lewis

What should I read first????


It's Blog Action Day!

>> October 16, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Golf requires a good environment.


It's Been a While

>> October 8, 2007

Yes, it's been a long while - not only since I've blogged, but since I've touched my clubs. I hit the range today and hit quite well - why oh why does that always happen?

Take 3 weeks off and you hit the ball great. Practice like a mad dog and get worse and worse.

I'll get a chance to play next weekend - can't wait.


Girl Power

>> August 26, 2007

Wow! What a great round of golf with my daughter. We played in a scramble/best ball tourney together today. We had to use at least 2 of her drives and she had to play from the green tees, which I think are the women's tees.

Golf Tournament

Some notable action from today:

Hole 1, Par 4.
I totally mis-hit my drive and barely made it past the green tees. Julia hit a decent shot just off the fairway about 100 yards forward and we played her ball. We had a chance to get on the green in 3 but I chunked a wedge badly and we ended up with a triple bogey. It would get better, thank god.

Hole 3, Par 4.
Julia drove her ball into the woods and I hit a big time drive off the fairway, but up about 100 feet on a huge hill. Oops. Thankfully, I found the ball and made an amazing recovery, hitting a 7 iron about 140 yards to just off the green. We made bogey after Julia just barely missed her par putt.

Hole 5, Par 3.
I hit a too long 9 iron but Julia hit her longest drive ever - about 150 yards. Too bad it hit the cart path and bounced out of bounds. Bogey.

Hole 6, Par 4.
I hit a perfect drive, and Julia matched my effort within 15 yards. We played her ball and ended up with par after I hit a 7 iron on the green.

Hole 9, Par 5.
I hit a good drive with my 5 Hybrid. The guy we were playing with took his turn and when he hit the ball, the club head flew off his club. We were all shocked - it was funny as hell, but we managed not to laugh too hard. Then, his kid (a 6th grade boy) drove out about 140 yards. Julia stepped up and in a pure moment of girl power nailed her drive about 15 yards past his, just off the fairway. Unreal! I flubbed a short wedge and we made bogey.

We finished +10 with a 43 and had an amazing, terrific time.


Can't Wait

>> August 25, 2007

I'm playing with my 9 year old daughter in an adult/youth tournament at Tashua Glen tomorrow! She's played twice on the course before, but has been getting much better at hitting the ball.

Given the fact that it's best ball, and my best ever on that course is +8, I'm not sure we have a shot. I can't wait to hang out with her though. How cool is this!


Great Golf Joke

>> August 19, 2007

No idea who to credit on this joke, but it is funny.

Shortly after the Pope had apologized to the Jewish people for the treatment of Jews by the Catholic Church over the years, Ariel Sharon, then Prime Minister of Israel, sent a proposal to the College of Cardinals for a friendly game of golf to be played between the two leaders, or their representatives, to demonstrate the friendship and ecumenical spirit shared by the Catholics and the Jews.

The Pope met his College of Cardinals to discuss the proposal. "Your Holiness" said one of the Cardinals, "Mr. Sharon wants to challenge you to a game of golf to show that you are old and unable to compete. I am afraid that this would tarnish our image in the world". The Pope thought about this and, since he had never held a golf club in his life, asked, "Don't we have a Cardinal to represent me?" "None who plays golf very well," a Cardinal replied. "But there is a man named Jack Nicklaus, an American golfer, who is a devout Catholic. We could offer to make him a Cardinal, and then ask him to play Mr Sharon as your personal representative. In addition to showing our spirit of co-operation, we will also win the match."

Everyone agreed that this was a great idea. The call was made. Of course, Nicklaus was honored and he agreed to play as a representative of the Pope.

The day after the match, Nicklaus reported to the Vatican to inform the Pope of the result. "This is Cardinal Nicklaus. I have some good news and some bad news, your Holiness," said the golfer.
"Tell me the good news, Cardinal Nicklaus", said the Pope. "Well, Your Holiness, I don't like to brag, but even though I have played some pretty terrific rounds of golf in my life, this was the best I have ever played, by far.

I must have been inspired from above. My drives were long and true, my irons were accurate and purposeful, and my putting was perfect. With all due respect, my play was truly miraculous."

"How can there be bad news?" the Pope asked. Nicklaus sighed, "I lost by three strokes to Rabbi Tiger Woods.


Myrtle Beach, SC

I absolutely love golfing on vacation. For the first time ever, I played a round during a family break - our first visit to Myrtle Beach. We headed down on one of those Marriott special preview deals (more on that later) and I got a free round as part of the package.

I got up early and hit a bucket of balls in the morning mist before teeing off with 3 strangers - a guy from VA and a father/daughter from Boston. The girl was probably 16 or so, and shouldn't have been on the course. She was a new player and could barely swing the club.

No matter! I was golfing on vacation and had an amazing time. I shot a 103, but the round could have easily been 6 shots better - 2 chunks and 3 triple bogeys really hurt bad. But again - no matter - I was totally relaxed and had a terrific time.

The course was nice, not too hard and had a few pretty difficult par 3 holes.

As for the Marriott weekend - we got 4 days/3 nights for $199 plus the golf and $50 in "Marriott bucks." We sat through a 90 minute sales pitch and guess what - we actually bought a timeshare!

This means 2 things:

  1. More golf on vacation for me - yes!!
  2. You have an opportunity to get a sweet deal on a weekend from me as a reader of this blog. I'll post up more details as I get them, but it's pretty simple. You get a very similar deal as I described above - and I get Marriott points if you buy. No pressure, no big deal. Stay tuned and I'll post up details as soon as I get them.


Myrtle Beach Vacation!

>> August 10, 2007

Headed to Myrtle Beach for some family vacation time next week and I can't wait.

I'm going to play some golf - can anyone out there suggest which courses I should consider, taking in to account I only have about 30 balls and haven't broken 100 quite yet?

Here are the one's I'm considering:


Rory, Rory, Rory

>> August 5, 2007

Did you say something you want to take back? The smack down is on - Tiger is 8 under playing bogey free golf and you are not having a great day.

I love how Tiger has remained silent - the big dog doesn't have to say a thing and just keeps on going and going.

Perhaps next time Rory will keep his trap shut and just go out and act like the champion that he could become. But not yet.

Calling Tiger "more beatable than ever" is like talking smack about Tom Brady on the eve of the Super Bowl. It's stupid, immature and can only cause you grief.

I really enjoyed reading Tiger's quotes where he deflected. The best one is classic talk from a true champion:

"He's trying to think of ways to motivate himself," added the 12-times major winner, who held a share of the third-round lead with Sabbatini before bogeying the last.
It's not officially over quite yet officially. But we all know, it's over.



>> August 4, 2007

When I was in High School, there was this amazing band "Hipsway" that hit the scene big time.

I played 18 today with a guy who is really, really good. He's a 4 handicapper and I met him because we were both playing "singles." So this guy crushes the ball - his driver are 280-300 easy - and I can tell he's taking it easy, sizing up the course and seeing what's what.

I can also tell he's looking at me funny half the time - I get the silent treatment when I duff the ball - and the occasional "good golf swing" comment when I manage to actually hit the ball. (Side note... new favorite club is the 5 hybrid. God I hit that thing great).

By the 17th hole, I'm +30 or so and he's about to finish with a 73. I slice the crap out of the ball and for the first time after 4+ hours, the guys says "Marc. Hipsway."

I'm trying to figure out what he just said and ask him what he means. What he was talking about what how I have now started over-compensating my shoulder turn by adding a nice hip movement (left to right) which is completely throwing off my angles.

I'd like to make 2 comments about this story:

1. Damn, golf really is hard!
2. Say something earlier man. Could have saved me from myself.

I was going to play again tomorrow, but I think I'm due for some time on the range instead.


Lost My Temper

>> July 31, 2007

Things were going OK - I was +3 and playing bogey golf before I hit the 4th hole, which I promptly tripled.

Took a deep breath and got it back together with a bogey on the next hole. Then things fell apart again - triple bogey and a hole so bad I just picked it up. The first night were up and down but not horrible, I shot a 51.

I should have sat down for a minute at the turn, but kept on going - it was getting late and I knew I was going to run out of daylight at some point. I would end up triple bogey on the last hole in darkness. Can I give myself a shot for that? Didn't think so.

Back to back double bogeys and I really lost my temper. Good thing I was all alone on the course. I cursed out loud in bad form and slammed my 3 iron into the ground in frustration. The darn club deserved it after what it did to me!

I took a deep drink of water and ate a bag of chips and felt a bit better. I promptly hit a totally crap shot... never mind, that's a mulligan. I'm allowed OK? C'mon. It didn't help and I ended up playing the first ball. Yea, it was that bad!

Then, on a hole that gives me fits I nailed a fairway and hit a magical 52 degree to within feet. Easy putt for par! Then more magic... another par, then a bogey.

I slowed down my swing and held my back arm in tight and started to really crush the ball like I know I can. I hit a 6 iron about 160+ which is way long for me. What was going on?

Don't worry though, it was fleeting. Triple bogey, triple bogey on the last two holes to limp in with a 50 and a total score of 101.

I am mostly disappointed in myself for actually losing my temper. Golf is supposed to be my "zen". I think the expectation of shooting in the 90's is getting in the way of my just swinging the club and relaxing. I'm getting better, but apparently I'm not so patient a person.


Golf Galaxy Tour

I stumbled on to this earlier this week - my new goals include getting down to shooting 95 or better so I can qualify to play in what would seem to be a really cool opportunity.

Finally a Golf Tour of the Public Golfer, For the Public Golfer

The Golf Galaxy
® Tour offers one day, 18 hole events open to all golfers (men, women and juniors welcome) who normally score 95 or less on 18 holes.

Played on the weekends at top local courses in your area, come experience the camaraderie and friendly competition of tournament golf. 2 person team, Best-Ball, and Scramble formats hosted. Sign up today and experience why thousands of golfers just like you nationwide are getting "inside the ropes."

Look up your local tournaments and get the scoop here.



Yes, she's got a pretty face, but this girl can play golf. I'm happy she finally won, I was getting way sick of hearing about how she's the Anna K of golf. No way. Rock it Nat.

Hmm.. have you seen her official site? Very slick.

She's also got a wicked sense of humor as this video shows.


H. Smith Richardson - played 9

Played 9 holes late yesterday and despite hitting no fairways, I managed to shoot a 49. I only lost one ball due to the "big slice" which was great.

I keep hearing all the best players talk about a pre-shot routine, so I'm working on one. Two quick practice swings, focusing on my back elbow and hands in the slot. Step up and get aligned. 2 quick take-aways and hit it.

I spent 30 minutes on Sunday chipping in my backyard and lo and behold, it seemed to work well. Even my putting picked up.

Let's see what happens next time out...


Swing Video

>> July 25, 2007

My lessons have been very helpful so far - I'm hitting the ball further and further and with a bit more accuracy. One of my biggest issues is my elbow coming up too high which among other things is causing me to not get the club face in the right position at impact.

Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.

Yes, I realize I have other issues to manage - in particular my follow through and hips.


Going "Low"

>> July 24, 2007

Who wants to go low anyway? Don't you get more for your money when you shoot in the 100's?

Think about it - I get mad when I pay $9.50 to see a movie that is less than 2 hours. I get angry when I pay a jazillion dollars at disney and only get on 6 rides all day long.

So why would I want to shortchange myself in golf? I'm getting 20% MORE value out of my greens fees than a player who shoots 80.



Golf Lesson #2

>> July 23, 2007

I had my 2nd of 3 lessons last Friday before my round on Saturday. I ended up shooting a 101, which all things given wasn't too bad. I'm working on so many different things, it's hard to keep track.

The main thing we did in the lesson was focus on swing plane and impact. My swing plane is terribly steep, so I've been visualizing flattening it so that it feels almost completely flat. It's a totally new feeling and in order to feel it and get into the proper position, I need to open up my hips faster and keep my elbow down.

I'm a baseball player (or was one) - so my right elbow wants to come up. This may be my big problem. I used a nerf looking training ball in between my forearms and took a few swings - no way to raise my elbow!

I believe alignment is a huge issue as well - once I got my swing groove and was blasting away with no slice, I realized everything was going way, way left. I adjusted by laying down 2 clubs and immediately, I was on target.

The next day, I hit 6 fairways and came very close on 2 others. Getting there... slowly.


These Girls Rock

>> July 22, 2007

We took my 2 girls to see the finals in New Rochelle today at the HSBC Women's Match play. First of all, the Wykagyl Country Club is simply gorgeous. The grass was so green it hurt your eyes.

Secondly, before even talking golf, the place was empty. No idea if this is because LPGA isn't a big draw, or because the top players were all knocked out early or because the Open (I knew Sergio couldn't go wire to wire!) was on. The good news was that we got close, real close to the action. The bad news was that it was QUIET, unlike when I saw Tiger last year at the U.S. Open. That was loud and exciting.

The golf however, was great. The accuracy and precision of the shots were stunning. The women were so athletic and solid looking in person - it always amazes me at how big athletes are when you see them up close.

Seon Hwa Lee of South Korea jumped out to an early lead and held on the entire way for the victory.

Afterwards, we got Maria Hjorth to sign my girls hats which was pretty cool. HSBC also did a great job with freebies (chairs, water, granola bars) and had a terrific spectator area set up with putting, golf simulators and even free lessons (no, I didn't get one!).

All in all, a terrific day! I just wish Natalie, Morgan or Paula had been playing.


PGA Superstore

>> July 20, 2007

PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

I had an incredible experience at the PGA Superstore in Roswell, GA this week. I took a break from my trip to check it out and ended up sending almost 2 hours inside the place. After wandering around for 30 minutes and seeing some incredibly cool things I asked how much the simulator bays cost. When I was told it was free, I was just about in heaven. With just about every club known to man in demo racks, I started right away hitting balls.

Hummer Golf Cart - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

Chipping - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

Golf Bags - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

I also want to mention that the genius who figured out the licensing agreement to put sports teams and college logos on hats deserves a free round somewhere. When I first saw a Titleist hat with a Yankees logo, it never occurred to me that they might also be licensing colleges as well. They are!!!

Seminoles Titlest Hat- PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

Golf Simulator- PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA

After hitting balls for about 30 minutes, one of the store pro's came over and we got to talking. He offered me a free club fitting (wow!) and watched me hit some balls. I had no consistency hitting the ball off the sweet spot on the driver head. We tried a few different clubs and different shafts but still got very little. With my swing between 88-95 miles per hour I was only hitting the ball about 230 yards or so.

The guy grabbed a Ping and asked me to hit it. Straight shots every time but only 200 yards of distance. I looked at the club and saw it was a "2" - he told me that the club was basically a fairway wood with a driver head. Looking at the tape on the club head, I managed to hit the dead center just about every time. Hmmm...

Perhaps I need to add a fairway wood back to my bag and leave the driver at home. We talked a lot about how the longer shaft makes it even harder for high handicappers to get consistent shots. We both agreed that I should play my fairway woods or hybrids off the tee for now, presumably I'd get a ton more consistency and would not be giving up much distance. I'm playing on Saturday, so we'll see!

Finally - when I made my hat purchase, the PGA store even gave me a cool black bag loaded with golf tips!

The Bag - PGA Golf Superstore, Roswell, GA


PGA Superstore

>> July 18, 2007

I'm in Atlanta a few miles from the PGA Superstore - anyone need anything?


No Excuses, I Stunk

>> July 15, 2007

Shot 107 today. Lots of possible excuses: heat, humidity and more. Bottom line was I simply didn't drive well and lost tons of balls. It was very frustrating and I struggled to keep my zen on. I played the back nine first (54) and had a good run on the front, but 2 late disaster holes really killed me.

A guy we played with on the last hole took 4 shots just to get out of the sand trap. Whoo - he was so pissed! He tossed his club like 20 yards. If not for golf etiquette, it would have been funny. What can you do?

I have noticed though that with the lesson I took I am finally starting to drive the ball a lot further than ever before. On 2 different holes I really let it go - hitting one at least 250 if not further. With golf, there is always a silver lining!


Golf is Hard is now on Squidoo

>> July 12, 2007

What? Never heard of Squidoo? Get with the program - the new Golf is "Really" Hard lens is up and running.

More about Squidoo:

A lens is one person's view on a topic that matters to her. It's an easy-to-build, single web page that can point to blogs, favorite links, RSS feeds, Flickr photos, Google maps, your eBay auctions, CafePress designs, Amazon books or music, and more. Then, when someone is looking for recommended information, fast, your lens gets him started and sends him off in the right direction. Win, win!

Build one lens, build a hundred. It's fast, fun, and free. (And you could earn a royalty--for you or for charity).


HSBC Women's World Match Play

>> July 11, 2007

Yes! I got some tickets for this great event - and I'm taking my 2 young daughters to their first ever golf tournament. Should be tons of fun if it isn't too hot in New Rochelle on the 22nd. They have a pretty cool site with games and a golf academy as well - check it out.

In the meantime, as I was coming into Grand Central tonight, I saw that HSBC had a terrific interactive display promoting the event. I snapped a few pics, but didn't have time to try the simulator or the putting game because I didn't want to miss my train. In addition to HSBC and Golf info, First Tee was there promoting themselves - it's a terrific kids golf program. Check it out if you have kids.

HSBC Women's  World Match Play at Grand Central

HSBC Women's World Match Play at Grand Central

HSBC Women's World Match Play at Grand Central

HSBC Women's World Match Play at Grand Central


Check Out The Golf Space

>> July 8, 2007

I just signed up - seems pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing what the site has to offer!


Personal Golf Tips

I found this great post on the Golfchick blog about personal golf tips. I've been developing one of my own, but it's not there quite yet...

G (grip)
A (alignment)
A (rotate Around)
P (pull it through)

My lessons bore small fruits with me shooting 100 the last full round I played. That's 10 shots lower than the last time I played!

I hit some balls on the range this week, but didn't have time to get on t


52 Degrees of Separation

>> July 2, 2007

I recently added a 52 degree wedge to my bag and I can't stop hitting it. I hit it short, I hit it long and I hit it perfectly more often than not.

I have yet to figure out at what distance I should switch back to the pitching wedge - which has created a few problems (leaving the ball way short for example) - but overall, this is the best addition I think I've ever made other than the hybrids.

I seem to hit it from about 15-40 yards very well - it's totally changed my very short game.


One Hundred.

>> July 1, 2007

I set a goal and I made it - though just barely. Played today and shot a an even 100 - which is supposed to feel great!

But not quite.

I want to go lower now (darn it!).

I chunked a 4 easy pitches and putted like garbage - I can do 95 - I know it :)


Golf Lesson #1

>> June 30, 2007

I had a terrific golf lesson yesterday - within 10 swings I had adjusted my alignment and swing mechanics and my slice was all but gone - we'll see what happens tomorrow on the course.

You get so many different pieces of advice from magazines, tv shows and other players - it turns out that I was simply not sticking with the basics.

  • More bend in my stance - my angles were all messed up
  • I need to bend my front knee to give me more rotation - and when I did the ball literally jumped off my club
  • I need to work hard to get my club face around and in position - I get lazy sometimes on my swing and that creates my incredible slice
  • And when I get lazy, I get real lazy and don't finish well. I'm working on really getting around on the swing - blasting open my hips and finishing all the way around
  • The proper driver position feels completely awkward - but it works. Because I can't get my shoulders in alignment, I actually start my swing with the driver head about 8-10 inches BEHIND the ball which gives my shoulders room to pull into alignment.
Can't wait to play a round and see what happens.


Golf Joke

>> June 29, 2007

A friend sent this to me - no idea who to credit - but it is funny.

Two women were playing golf. One teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole. The ball hit one of the men.

He immediately clasped his hands together at his groin, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in agony.

The woman rushed down to the man, and immediately began to apologize, " Please allow me to help. I'm a physical therapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you'd allow me," she told him.

"Oh, no, I'll be all right. I'll be fine in a few minutes," the man replied. He was in obvious agony, lying in the fetal position, still clasping his hands together at his groin.

At her persistence, however, he finally allowed her to help. She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, loosened his pants and put her hands inside. She administered tender and artful massage for several long moments and asked, "How does that feel?"

He replied, "It feels great .....but my thumb still hurts like hell.

If you have any good golf jokes - post them as comments.



>> June 25, 2007

I played last Friday with a guy who used to be a golf pro - he gave me what amounted to on course lessons - and ended up changing my swing and my grip. Needless to say, I played lousy, shooting 110. On Sunday, I took the girls back out and shot a horrible 46 on the par 33 Glen course - struggling with grip, swing and swing speed.

That said, I realize that I'm on to something because when I hit it, I hit it a lot further than before, and a heck of a lot straighter. Perhaps a tiny light at the end of the tunnel? Doubtful, but we'll see.

I add a 52 degree wedge to the bag as well, and played the hell out of it. Problem is, I don't have sense of distance with the thing - I need to hit the range with it.

My first lesson is coming up Friday - I have very high hopes which are most likely totally irrational.


3 Lessons, coming right up

>> June 19, 2007

For father's day, my family gave me a hint - and 3 lessons with the local pro... I hope to take them soon - and stop sucking so bad!

Sub 100 can you hear me? I'm coming for you!


First Timers

>> June 4, 2007

Both my girls have been doing a Girl Scout golf program for a few months and we decided that it was time to hit the links.

For me, seeing them on a golf course was pretty incredible - they seem to get it immediately; from teeing off, to chipping and putting. We played Tashua Glen, which incredibly includes markers at 150 yards for kids. We spotted them after driving off the women's tees and realized that without those markers, playing 9 holes would take forever. Instead, the course immediately became manageable and fun for the kids.

My 9 year old (between eating snacks and yelling at me for trying to help her swing) parred the 4th hole. She was so excited it was incredible. She sank a 15 footer for par and when she realized it, she was jumping up and down.

Teaching green etiquette was equally interesting, the kids kept stepping on everyone else's lines - not a big deal given how lousy the greens were (so slow, so bumpy).

All in all, an amazing experience for all of us!

As for me, I was +1 after 3 holes before it all fell apart. I literally cannot drive the ball. I shot 42 (+9) with 2 birdies.

Most importantly however, both kids want to go again as soon as possible!


Tecolote Canyone...

>> May 20, 2007

Does it count if I shot an 84 on a par 58 (+26)? I did technically break 100 and earned a certificate from the Golf Digest Challenge. It counts like a 6 foot gimme.

I shot an 84


I officially suck (still)

>> April 30, 2007


Lost ball.

Chunk dropped ball.

Decent PW on or near the green.

2 or 3 putt.

Repeat 18 times.

I shot a friggen 113 today at a charity tournament. Terrible.


Fighting Joe

>> April 23, 2007

I went to a wedding in Alabama this past weekend and had a chance to play an amazingly hard golf course - rated in the top 30 I believe by Golf Digest in fact. Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail features the Shoals - Fighting Joe Golf Course. We didn't play from the blacks (I suck, remember!) which is 8,092 yards long. Instead we played from the white tees which are a mere 6,154 yards long - and quite difficult.

Playing with rental clubs is always interesting, but the King Cobra's they gave me where in good shape and quite similar in feel to my Taylormade Irons. The driver however had a graphite shaft, and I never really did manage to get a feel for it.

Fighting Joe

I played OK - shot a 105 in total thanks to losing a ton of balls and taking penalties left and right. If I had been able to keep my drives in play, I'm sure I would have broken 100, or come close.

I did manage to stun the guy I was playing with by sinking a 30 foot putt for a bogey (whew), and even managed to par the 10th hole.

The guy I played with shot an 89 and really, really picked it up on the back 9 shooting +3. Unreal.


The First Round of 2007

>> April 7, 2007

Played my first round of the 2007 golf season in chilly weather this morning at Tashua Knolls. We had a delayed 7:30 AM start time and finally tee'd it up at 9:30 as a shotgun start. Teeing off on 18 to start the round was odd, but gave us a short walk. I started the season with a decent drive, but tripled the hole for an 8.

I've mentioned how much I love my new hybrid before, and the club continues to perform as I hit it from just about anywhere on the golf course. I had 3 solid pars on the day and shot a 102 - not terrible. I would have saved a few strokes but continue to slice most every drive. I also need to shake the rust off, as I chunked at least 4 shots that most certainly hurt my score.

It was a GREAT day though - I'm so glad golf is back!

Meanwhile, the Masters is terrific - I'm just now watching the end of the 3rd round and loving every second.


I Think I Need This Badly

>> March 12, 2007

The Golf Launchpad :)


This is too cool. Wonder if it works well...


Sunday at the Range

Sunday was gorgeous out so I hit a couple of buckets of balls at the local range. The weather was unreal and there was only 2 or 3 other guys there with me.

I have the notion that I should learn how to draw the ball, if nothing else than to help me fight off my natural slice. I worked on that a bit, with some success but should most certainly invest in a lesson or two shortly. Maybe I'll even have to rename this blog (doubtful).

I also tried out my new irons (Taylormade RAC OS) that I bought a few weeks ago. I like em a lot, I hit the ball very consistently with the 5 iron but can't seem to control the 3 iron at all.

Meanwhile, my girls are taking golf lessons in Norwalk so they won't grow up to "suck" - Julia hit a driver in the simulator 90 yards - improving from 71 which was her previous best distance. It's fun to see them learn so quickly. I can't wait to see what happens when we get out on the course.


Virtual Golfer

>> February 28, 2007

I'm sick for golf season to come back. I've been putting in my basement and messing around online with mygolfrecord.com and meez.com.


Playstation Golf

>> February 14, 2007

Oh my god, I also suck at Playstation Golf. I couldn't sleep last night so I teed up Tiger Wood 2005 on the PS2. Playing in Tour Difficulty mode I totally stunk it up shooting 13 over at Harbor Town. I played in regular mode and shot 6 under and missed the cut. So sad, so pathetic.

Tour difficult mode removes the caddy tip - without which the game suddenly becomes very, very hard.

How pathetic. If I'm not even good at video game golf, what chance do I have in the real world?


Winter stinks

>> February 12, 2007

I managed to hit a few balls at the Norwalk Golf center and set up a mini-putting area in my basement so far - but basically winter stinks worse than I am at golf.

The Norwalk golf center is pretty amazing however - they have a simulator, a ton of bays with computers and cameras and a full bunker. My girls are doing a girl scouts/LPGA thing so they can learn to stink at golf too - and while they were getting lessons I hit a bunch of balls on my own.

Seeing yourself on video is odd - my swing really isn't that bad but I have literally no power - something to work on for next spring. It would be nice to be able to hit the ball another 30 yards or so - there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to hit the ball 250 yards with a driver (or more to be honest). I'm capping out at around 225/230 and think it has to do with my hips not opening soon enough.

Maybe I should get some real lessons!


This blog pays off!

>> January 11, 2007

I did a little talk at American Cancer Society (don't worry, I wasn't talking about Golf!) and they gave a me a goodie bag filled with Titlest balls, tees and a brush. Blogging really does pay off!


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