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Book Review: Better Recreational Golf

>> April 30, 2009

I had a chance to read "Better Recreational Golf: Improve Your Game in the Time You Have" after the author (Bob Jones!) emailed me and sent me a copy of this terrific book (how's that for full disclosure?!).

While I very much appreciated what Mr. Jones tried to accomplish with his book, I think video would have helped very much explain some of the concepts and drills in the book. That said, I did want to point out that even so, this book is aimed perfectly at that golfer who just doesn't have enough time to practice but wants to continue to improve their game.

I absolutely loved the tempo and impact ball drills and very much appreciated the recreational golfer perspective. For example, giving up some yards with a smaller turn could actually help save your back, and keep you playing longer! Now that's some good advice.

I was intrigued by the suggestion in the chapter on chipping that recreational golfers use a 5-iron from around the green, and consider it a lofted putter. That might be worth trying!

I also very much appreciated that the book repeatedly talks about getting lessons from a local pro - smart advice and an acknowledgment that a book alone isn't going to solve all of our golfing problems.

My favorite part of the book though, has to be the game strategy chapter. Bob talks a lot about thinking shots through and making safe plays. He includes breakdowns of par 3, 4 and 5 holes, and how to think about when to go for a good score, and when to simply avoid a horrible hole.

All in all, I totally recommend this book, but be prepared for a bit of confusion in some of the more complex drill examples. They don't translate that well to book format, though there are plenty of photos to try to offset that! Here's another link to the buy the book!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 36 - Bunker Concepts

>> April 29, 2009

We kick off a new 3 episode series on bunker play. Episode 36 features Coach Dave talking about some basic bunker concepts to get you started.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 35 - Chipping Contest

>> April 28, 2009

As we were filming a bunch of new lessons (stay tuned for bunker, uphill and downhill lie episodes), we decided to do a quick chipping contest to see who would crack under pressure... Watch episode 35 to see if Marc and take on Coach Dave V or it is a blow out.

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Improving Short Games in Scotland!

Dave, Thanks sending your thoughts, we are excited to hear that your short game is getting better and you are enjoying it. Have fun out there!

Dave & Marc


I've been fighting with a rubbish short game for years. Your chipping vids have transformed my short game, I now actually understand what I'm trying to achieve.Sessions on the short game practice area are now a joy!

Thanks!!!Dave, Scotland


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 34 - Business Golf Country Club

>> April 25, 2009

Here's another golf social network you might not be aware of... Golf is Hard TV episode 34 features the "Business Golf Country Club." This social network is a terrific site that is growing quickly. Unlike the more general golf social networks aimed at players, this one is more about the golf business and is a great place to network if you have a golf business or are thinking of starting one.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 33 - Trip to the Range

>> April 23, 2009

I was traveling in Washington State and only had time for a very quick trip to the range. With no clubs and only an hour or so to spare, I hit a large bucket of balls at the Redwood Golf Center. Redwood Golf center's tagline "Swing a buck a day, slice your fat away!" convinced me that this was the place! Next time I am out there, I'll hit it again for sure.

Please do send us your videos and we'll analyze what's ailing you.. be sure, as in this video to send in a side shot and one from behind. My cell phone is a piece of crap and wasn't wide enough to get my head, so just do you best!

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The music playing softly in the background is from here: http://podsafeaudio.com/jamroom/bands/2019/


Concentrate on Being Great!

>> April 21, 2009

OK.. I just love this commercial. I love it because it is so totally different than anything else out there.. and because The Jungle Book simply rocks the house!

Don't forget to focus through the ficus.

It doesn't hurt to have the amazing Sam Jackson voice the commercial either!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 32 - Rules for the Rest of Us

Golf is Hard TV Episode 32 is all about rules. We take a peek inside the rule book and have a little chat about mulligans.

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Ain't golf great?


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 31 - The Golf Space

>> April 19, 2009

It's time for another golf social networking tour - Golf is Hard TV episode 31 focuses on The Golf Space (http://www.thegolfspace.com), who just celebrated their 3rd year in existence! The Golf Space is a great site to meet golfers, track your scores and lots more!

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 30 - Reggie's Swing

>> April 16, 2009

We love when you send us videos! Golf is Hard TV , Episode 30 is all about Reggie... Reggie sent us a short clip, and Golf is Hard takes some time to talk about what Reggie might do to improve his game. Send in more videos by uploading to any online video service (Blip, Youtube, Viddler, etc). Be sue to include a side and "down the line" view!

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 29 - Chipping Visualization

>> April 14, 2009

Golf is Hard TV gets back to lessons... Episode 29 rounds out or initial chipping shows with a show that will help you visualize the perfect shot.

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What Kind of Golfer Are You?

>> April 13, 2009

(Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/volleynerd/61150961/)

Recently, Golf is Hard TV ran a survey asking how aggressive you are on the golf course. Do you typically lay up, go for it or always play safe.

The results were:

  • Risk taker: I always go for it 26%
  • Moderate: I tend to lay up 65%
  • Safe: I always lay up 8%

For me (this is Marc posting), in almost all cases, I think the answer is "it depends." In asking myself this question however, I started to think about my own playing habits, and in some cases, the decisions I make off the golf course. I'm wondered if my risk taking on the golf couse matches my poker playing style, my approach and work, and in life in general.

In sports, gaming and fun, I tend to be a go for the glory kind of guy. There is nothing like that feelng of hitting a bottom of the 9th bomb to win it all or sinking a last second 3 pointer to win a game. Similarly, it's an enormous amount of fun to double down in blackjack, and is there a person on the planet that wouldn't get a thrill from saying "I'm all in." Doubtful! I also happen to be a notoriously aggressive chess and monopoly player!

In my personal and business life, I tend to play it a tad safer, but I've certainly taken my share of big career and personal risks as well. I've taken jobs that paid thousands of dollars less because I saw opportunities for the future. I got married early, went to college thousands of miles away from home and risked being a "goddamn independant" instead of joining a fraternity in college.

What does it mean for me on the golf course? It means when the time is right, if you are playing against me, I'm probably pretty easy to bait into doing dumb things for the thrill of it. There is one shot in particular I can't seem to avoid trying... anything over water or a long iron shot into the teeth of a bunker. In my head, that's a shot at glory... something I can't seem to resist!

What about you - are you a risky golfer? Does your risking taking of the course match how you are off the course? Let us know!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 28 - Tiger Woods Masters Classic

>> April 11, 2009

Let's hope Tiger gets it going soon - our latest episode (#28!) of Golf is Hard TV celebrates one of Eldrick's more classic moments - once again in our own unique GIHtv way.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 27 - 1986 Masters Classic Moment

>> April 9, 2009

Golf is Hard TV is proud to present a new type of show where we celebrate classic moments in Golf, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style (that means, we talk over the announcers and attempt to be funny). It's Masters week, so we're kicking this off with a classic from 1986 and a man named Jack.

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Golf is Hard TV - Episode 26 - The Masters

>> April 7, 2009

Episode 26 kicks off our 2009 Masters coverage - we get started with a review of a terrific book called, amazingly, "The Masters."

You can check out the book on Amazon here. This book compiles 101 reasons to love the Masters and is a worthy read. We put our own unique GIHtv spin on this book review, and hope you'll enjoy it.

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GIH's Tribute to the Masters

It has to be the most exciting golf week of the year, can't believe it's April already and Masters week is upon us. Mark and I will be taking a closer (and slightly different) look at some memorable moments in Masters history...so keep an eye out here at Golf is Hard TV, coming this week. Go get 'em Tiger and oh yeah...watch out for the Shark, I have a feeling he will be in the mix on the weekend.


Golf is Hard TV Interview: Sandbox8.com

>> April 6, 2009

I spent some time with Rob from Sandbox8.com, the terrific golf equipment review site he started a few years ago. Rob's a great guy and we had a fun conversation via Skype. I recorded the chat, but unfortunately, all you hear is me and my heavy breathing. For one reason or another, I didn't capture Rob's half of our chat.

That said, I wanted to talk a bit about Sandbox8.com and some of what Rob has been up to. Let's start with an example of why his site is so good - check out this video:

What really resonated with me is how closely related our goals are - we both want to appeal to the "average golfer" and have built video based sites to really connect with as many golfers as possible. Sandbox8.com's traffic is skyrocketing and because of Rob's terrific reviews, it's easy to see why folks keep coming back to hear him talk about golf equipment.

We spent a few minutes talking about the idea of emerging sites like ours that cover golf in a new and non-traditional way, and I think we both agree that we're on to something big!

We also talked about Rob's game - he's a mid-handicapper who has been taking quite a few lessons. It sounds like he's improved quite a bit which is terrific - but more importantly he's got a real passion for the game which makes him someone that both Dave and I can really relate to. Be sure to check out Sandbox8.com if you haven't already - Rob's got a few great new posts up including one on the Masters.

I apologize that the audio didn't work out, I continue to look for software that will allow me to conduct online video interviews and chats with interesting folks from in and around the world of golf.


Free Golf Evaluation and Checklist Tool

>> April 5, 2009

Golf is Hard TV is at it again and this time, Coach Dave has a very special (and free) gift for you! We've developed a free golf self-evaluation tool that you can download right now. Just visit this download page and pick it up for yourself!

The self-evaluation tool is a great way to take stock of your game and find areas of improvement. The evaluation also has some fun questions designed to make you smile (and watch more Golf is Hard TV), and also provides simple instructions how how to share your swing with us online!

Send us your comments and feedback, we've got a few more ideas for free downloads designed to help your golf game coming soon.

To get your free evaluation and checklist tool, visit or downloads page.

UPDATE: The auto-responder was a total FAIL... it's just easier to give you think link and let you go download the document from here!


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 25 - Chipping Part 2

>> April 4, 2009

In our 2nd chipping episode, Golf is Hard TV continues to teach you the basics of good posture, grip and how to properly chip the golf ball around the greens.


The Official Golf is Hard TV Press Announcement

>> April 3, 2009

Without an official press release, you don't exist, right? If that's so.. then we're now officially official!

Golf is Hard TV is the golf show for the rest of us
Golf is Hard TV is a new internet golf show designed and produced for the "average golfer" like you! We focus on basic lessons and do fun and interesting shows about the great game of golf.

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 02, 2009 – Golf is a great game, but is commonly thought of as a sport played by elite or rich people with too much time on their hands. Golf is Hard TV disagrees and created the show as a way to reach the more casual and average golfer with a terrific mix of instructional and entertainment content.

Read the full Golf is Hard TV press release and tell your friends! You can also download a PDF version of the press release.


Golf is Hard TV - Episode 24 - Chipping Overview

>> April 2, 2009

The first in a 3 episode series on chipping, episode 24 starts with the basic concepts you need to chip better. Get chipping right, and you will score better in a hurry.

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Nike Night at Golf Galaxy

>> April 1, 2009

Coach Dave and I went up to Golf Galaxy tonight to check out "Nike Night" and scope out some good deals. I dig Golf Galaxy mostly because of the used bins of golf clubs - it's like a fun treasure hunt, and I usually come away with something fantastic.

Tonight, I was tempted to buy a new gap wedge to match my TaylorMade irons, but managed to hold off! The big event was the putting contest. I hit a gorgeous putt that... how can I put this delicately... it basically went in but instead of dropping into the cup, the carpet pushed it back. That close to getting into a playoff to win a new Nike putter. Darn it!

Golf Galaxy has been really aggressive in running different events, I noticed a flyer for a "women only" night coming up soon as well which I thought was a great idea.

I ended up buying a shag bag which will help my back a bit - my last trip to the range included way too much bending over (wow, I'm lame!).


Swing Analysis - Peter


Thank you for sending us a video of your swing. I have a couple of simple suggestions that should show immediate results, they are related to the fundamentals of grip and posture.

These adjustments will all occur before your swing, so right now there are no swing changes to make, rather, your swing will adjust based on these changes. Important: try your hardest to stick with the changes until they become comfortable (they will not at first, which is good).

Lastly, after you have given this some time and feel you are ready to move on, try to take the next video from 2 angles: 1) directly behind you in line with the target, 2) directly in front of you so you are hitting the ball off to the right side of the screen. THIS APPLIES TO ALL VIDEO THAT IS SENT TO GIHTV and will give us the BEST chance to help out;

Peter, here are the changes (which you can go back and review on past episodes as often as necessary):

Grip - the club appears to be in the palms and your hands are turned much too far in the clockwise direction. Put the club in your fingers and rotate your hands back so your thumbs are at 1:00 (now they are at 3:00). This will give your hands a chance to rotate better and wrists cocking ability, leading to more power with less effort. KEEP GRIP PRESSURE VERY LIGHT. Review Grip episodes.

Posture - You are too far back on your heels, which is causing you to lift your arms at address to make room to swing. Move weight to balls of feet, much less knee flex, bend from the hips to let arms hang straight down in front of you. Now you will have room to swing. Review Posture episodes.

OK Peter, keep us posted, send us new video in month or so and any questions you may have along the way. Good luck.


About Marc and Coach Dave

Marc's a hacker and Dave knows what he's doing after teaching for 7 years. We're both passionate golfers and committed to having fun with Golf is Hard TV.

What is Golf is Hard TV?

"The golf show for the rest of us!"

Golf is Hard TV is the golf show for the rest of us, the most passionate golf show on the internet that was created to take a look at the lighter side of the game. At Golf is Hard TV, golfers of all abilities can improve their games and interact about anything related to golf.

We discuss topics realistically including equipment, etiquette, Jr. golf, attire, rules, etc. This interactive golf show is where golfers can ask questions, send in video and get real answers about their games, always FREE. The founders of Golf is Hard TV know what average golfers like us want.


Golf is Hard is passionate about golf... everything about golf! We are interested in your products, your web site, your business ideas. Please contact us right away to talk about how we can partner together. Heck, we're even interested in non-golf related things that golfers like us love!

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