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Free Golf Evaluation and Checklist Tool

>> April 5, 2009

Golf is Hard TV is at it again and this time, Coach Dave has a very special (and free) gift for you! We've developed a free golf self-evaluation tool that you can download right now. Just visit this download page and pick it up for yourself!

The self-evaluation tool is a great way to take stock of your game and find areas of improvement. The evaluation also has some fun questions designed to make you smile (and watch more Golf is Hard TV), and also provides simple instructions how how to share your swing with us online!

Send us your comments and feedback, we've got a few more ideas for free downloads designed to help your golf game coming soon.

To get your free evaluation and checklist tool, visit or downloads page.

UPDATE: The auto-responder was a total FAIL... it's just easier to give you think link and let you go download the document from here!


About Marc and Coach Dave

Marc's a hacker and Dave knows what he's doing after teaching for 7 years. We're both passionate golfers and committed to having fun with Golf is Hard TV.

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Golf is Hard TV is the golf show for the rest of us, the most passionate golf show on the internet that was created to take a look at the lighter side of the game. At Golf is Hard TV, golfers of all abilities can improve their games and interact about anything related to golf.

We discuss topics realistically including equipment, etiquette, Jr. golf, attire, rules, etc. This interactive golf show is where golfers can ask questions, send in video and get real answers about their games, always FREE. The founders of Golf is Hard TV know what average golfers like us want.


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