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Coaching Youth Sports

>> December 22, 2008

If you are like me, you are always balancing playing golf with your other commitments in life. For me, that includes work (of course) and coaching youth sports. Coaching sports gives me so much pleasure that I think I've become addicted to it. I've created a new blog, designed to document my experiences, but to also encourage anyone who does coach youth sports, to really put some effort into it and give the kids a fantastic experience.

Check out my Coaching Youth Sports blog now.

P.S. No, I do not coach golf, that would be scary.


Paul Goydos

>> December 18, 2008

Reading a recent Golf Magazine issue, I stumbled onto an interview with Paul Goydos, my new favorite golfer outside Tiger.

Yes, we all remember him fighting it out with Sergio and losing at TPC last year, but what I didn’t realize was his amazing back story and pure authenticity as a human being.

Are you better than Tiger and anything?
At being older.


Goydos tells the story about the BBC asking him to do commentary for the Ryder Cup. He sat with Bob Costas who at one point apparently told him that it was OK for him to comment. Goydos said what was on his mind and after watching a highlight of himself making a 30-footer he says “He’s a good looking guy.”

In a million years, I’d never come up with something so funny.

Later in the interview, Goydos calls Ayn Rand a Nazi and said his shot of the year (2008) was the tee shot into the water off 17 at TPC. Great interview.


Get Yer Facebook On...

>> December 17, 2008

While looking for a funny interview with Paul Goydos on Golf.com I saw that they launched a new Facebook golf game. Hours of addiction await you... go here to play. (Note: you have to have a Facebook account to play).

They have 3 games (long drive, closest to the pin and putting) and you can challenge your friends and enter tournaments. Silly, but fun.


Winter Sucks

>> December 15, 2008

It's not even winter and I'm already complaning about it.

Winter sucks because I live in CT and it's too damn cold to enjoy a round of golf.

I can't wait until spring. In the meantime, I think I'll start practicing my putting in my basement and dream of warm summer days.


Michelle Wie

>> December 8, 2008

Love her or hate her (why would you hate her?), big props to Michelle Wie for getting her card. One of the lessons I have been trying to give my daughters is perseverance. I haven’t read anything about Wie’s training plan or how hard she worked to get her card, but I do know she didn’t give up. Good on ya Michelle.

I did some searching but didn’t find much info on how she trained or even (re)dedicated herself online, if you have any links, please send them!

That said, I did fine one quote that sort of stuck out:

“I closed my eyes, I closed my ears to everything,'' she said. “It was a tough period. This seems like the world for me. I've come from really far below, and it feels like it's a clean slate. It took a long way to get here, but I feel really good about it.”

More on the Wie story here on Golf.com.


The End of the Season

>> December 4, 2008

I think that’s about it for this season of golfing. My goal was to break 95 this year, and I didn’t manage it. I came close and played well, but honestly, things never came together the way I expected this year. Ah well.

I did manage to play some really amazing courses including The Broadmoor and Steele Canyon, two really terrific layouts.

I managed to play the entire year without a driver, but I recently remedied that with a recent purchase of a Nike Driver. I can’t wait to play with it!

Some stats from oobgolf.com:

  • 33 scores entered
  • 2 birdies (doh!)
  • 52 pars
  • 107 bogies
  • 85.4 miles played
  • 97.4 scoring average

I literally can’t wait until next season to start, but I need a break for now.

When is Tiger coming back?


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