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One last round...

>> December 18, 2006

It was gorgeous out yesterday (12/17/06) so I hit the links one last time for the year... shot an unimpressive but very typical 44 on Tashua Glen. However, after shooting double bogeys on the first 5 holes, I par'd out the rest.

The hybrid I bought is really amazing - I blasted it almost 200 yards - it didn't even feel like a full swing.

I played with a chinese couple - the guy was hysterical running around yelling BIRDIE BIRDIE every time he had a chance for birdie. He even did this when he was in the rough 150 yards away from the hole. That guy ruled.

I resolve to play more golf on full-sized courses next year... and to break 100 consistently, even it it means more mulligans (just kidding).


Best Round Ever

>> November 26, 2006

I'm in love with my new Walter Hagan hybrid club! Today I:

  • Drove with it
  • Chipped with it
  • Played bump and run with it
  • Even hit it from 15 yards off the green to within 3 feet of the hole!
  • I considered putting with it, but didn't :)
I also played with my new TaylorMade R580 ($99 bucks at Dick's) and absolutely loved it. Not the latest, greatest model, but still a real driver.

I shot a 41 on the Tashua Glen (Par 33, Executive course) for pretty much my best round ever. Even better, I took the kids with me and they had a great time. Hope still lives that they'll take up golf!

The girls first time out



New Toys

>> November 25, 2006

Black Friday was good to me.

Bought a TaylorMade R5 Driver for $99, threw in a Walter Hagan Hybrid 3 Ironwood and a Ben Hogan putter. I'm going to play 9 or 18 tomorrow, probably the last golf of the year. Can't wait to try out my new toys!

I spent at least 45 minutes agonizing over these clubs at Dick's in Milford - the best part was hitting them in the simulator. After shanking a few balls, I got into a groove, hitting my farthest ball almost 250 yards - and that was with the hybrid!

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The Rain Held Off

>> November 12, 2006

In probably the last golf of the year (I hope not!), I played the back 9 at Tashua Knolls. I killed myself on the first two holes (+4 then triple bogey) and then settled down a bit.

I played the first 3 holes alone which was sort of nice, but a bit lonely. The course was very wet, which probably affected a few shots.


Broke My Best Score!

>> October 9, 2006

I played another round of 9 at the Tashua Glen (2036 yards from the blues) and shot a 44 (+11) - my best yet! 3 pars, 2 bogeys and 1 missed opportunity. In between my new golf bag and watching the Golf for Dummies DVD, I hit the ball solidly almost every shot today.

What a gorgeous day as well... nothing like golfing in the fall.

I'm still stymied by the first hole, I tripled it today. That first shot off the tee seems to want to hurt me.


New Golf Bag!

>> October 7, 2006

I picked up a new golf bag at Dick's today - does the bag help you shoot better? Let's hope so!

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>> September 11, 2006

Just claiming my blog on Technorati.

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47 at Tashua Glen

>> September 10, 2006

Finally! I broke 50 on Tashua Glen with 2 pars, 3 bogeys and an assortment of worse than that.

My best shot was an amazing 8 iron that gave me a birdie chance (that I missed) on the 7th hole.

We played with some noobs who played so slowly we got yelled at... would have taken 7 hours if it had been 18 holes.


The Driving Range

>> September 4, 2006

I spent some time at the driving range last Friday - and thought I really had worked out my shoulders and legs. I hit the ball pretty well with the driver - longer than I ever had before.

Then something changed and my ball was suddenly all over the place again. Frustrating as hell.



Ballyheighe Castle, Ireland

>> August 28, 2006

While in Ireland on vacation, I managed to get in a round at Ballyheighe Castle, a wonderful 9 hole course just north of Tralee. It was a bit cloudy and it rained (of course!) for a few minutes. I played with my brother-in-law. To be honest, this was the most amazing course I've ever been on (not that I've been on too many great ones).

The entire course was surrounded by castle ruins - the 8th and 9th were out front, overlooking Tralee Bay to the South, and the castle gate to the North.

I shot a 54 (9 holes) and played decently given:

  1. How bad I am at golf
  2. The fact that we rented some horrendous clubs (I wish I could blame them) - we had a frayed 5 wood, a very old 3 wood and a collection of irons including a 3, 4, 5 (super tiny), 3 6's, one lefty 7, 2 wedges and a putter.
  3. I didn't have my golf shoes (like that matters)
After playing the first 2 holes horribly, I played pretty well - actually parring a par 3 and making an incredible shot from the rough about 180 yards out over at least 50 yards of out of bounds area (easily my best shot ever). If you take out the first 2 holes, I actually played +10 from holes 2 through 9. 1 Par, 2 bogeys, yahoo!

Before going to the course on Thursday, I bought a box of 15 balls for 15 euro, thinking I'd lose them all... we ended up finding 2 balls, and ended up even/par for losing balls.

Ballyheighe Castle Golf



I stink

>> August 16, 2006

I'm taking my inspiriation in concept from Kaimac, who started a blog about golf, but never actually posted about golf because he got distracted.

In any case, here's the deal... I shoot between 110-120 and am horrible at golf. Just call me Marc McMulligan if you want. I'm that bad.

My hips open too fast so I slice everything.

I can't concentrate when putting.

I'm just not good.

But I LOVE it.. Golf is my zen moment (or 5 hours, depending).

I've been practicing at the range and hitting the ball real well, but last weekend on the course, it all went to crap again.

More to come...



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