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The Long Awaited Pink Diva Golf Interview

>> August 1, 2009

I've been waiting for months to finally get my chance to interview the mysterious Sheila, aka "Pink Diva" after reading her blog and trading messages with her on Twitter. I'm thrilled to unleash the Pink Diva Golf on Golf is Hard TV. We love Pink Diva Golf not only because we love female golfers, but because we are both proud dads who have our own golf girls.

Q: Pink Diva's Motto: Girls Golf, Get Over It! - talk to me... who needs to get over what, and why?
Let’s face it - golf is still a male-dominated sport. The motto is simply a light-hearted way to say girls are passionate about golfing too!

Q: What is Pink Diva Golf and what is the inspiration behind it?
Pink Diva Golf is an online golf boutique that offers women's golf t-shirts, jewelry, and accessories with a hip, trendy golf theme. I was inspired to start Pink Diva because I couldn’t find fun, girly golf shirts to wear on or off the golf course. And when I say girly, that’s code for pink golf wear! Our golf boutique is unique because we carry one-of-kind items, exclusive to Pink Diva Golf and not the usual big-name golf brands.

Q: Does the Diva got game? How often do you play?
The Diva is working on her golf game – no handicap yet. But I found a fantastic local LPGA golf instructor who has really helped me improve in the past year and I recently joined my local Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) chapter. My biggest challenge is finding people to golf with, so joining my local EWGA will be a great way to start playing more often. Right now I usually play two or three times a month.

Q: What's one message you would love to give the next guy who plays a golf round with you?
I am a pretty competitive person, so you may think it’s a casual round of golf - but I’m really trying to figure out how to beat you! (Golf is Hard TV note: Bring it any time Pink Diva!)

Q: Do guys like playing golf with women? Why/why not?
That’s a trick question, right? I think it depends on the player! There are many men who love to play golf with women and others who are more comfortable playing only with the “boys.” Regardless of the sport, I think players should learn and follow the rules of the game and do their best. In golf, players should make sure they’re keeping up with the pace of play and following etiquette. I’ve seen both men and women not follow the rules at times, but it seems women golfers get a bad rap for this – and that’s not always true!

Q: Can you tell us about the new Pink Diva website and the “Golf Bling” line of apparel?
Yes. We have redesigned the Pink Diva Golf website with a new look and feel, including an easier to use online store! The website still offers a golf boutique shopping experience with one-of-kind t-shirts, jewelry and accessories, but also a new line of Golf Bling shirts! What is Golf Bling you ask? Take a high quality ladies t-shirt, add Swarovski crystals, and arrange them into a stylish golf design and you got Golf Bling! The jeweled shirts are available in five styles, including Kiss My Putt, Par-Tee, I “Heart” Golf, Golfer Girl and our classic Pink Diva logo.

For more info, visit Pink Diva's newly redesigned site and her terrific Pink Diva Golf blog.


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