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Swing Analysis - Peter

>> April 1, 2009


Thank you for sending us a video of your swing. I have a couple of simple suggestions that should show immediate results, they are related to the fundamentals of grip and posture.

These adjustments will all occur before your swing, so right now there are no swing changes to make, rather, your swing will adjust based on these changes. Important: try your hardest to stick with the changes until they become comfortable (they will not at first, which is good).

Lastly, after you have given this some time and feel you are ready to move on, try to take the next video from 2 angles: 1) directly behind you in line with the target, 2) directly in front of you so you are hitting the ball off to the right side of the screen. THIS APPLIES TO ALL VIDEO THAT IS SENT TO GIHTV and will give us the BEST chance to help out;

Peter, here are the changes (which you can go back and review on past episodes as often as necessary):

Grip - the club appears to be in the palms and your hands are turned much too far in the clockwise direction. Put the club in your fingers and rotate your hands back so your thumbs are at 1:00 (now they are at 3:00). This will give your hands a chance to rotate better and wrists cocking ability, leading to more power with less effort. KEEP GRIP PRESSURE VERY LIGHT. Review Grip episodes.

Posture - You are too far back on your heels, which is causing you to lift your arms at address to make room to swing. Move weight to balls of feet, much less knee flex, bend from the hips to let arms hang straight down in front of you. Now you will have room to swing. Review Posture episodes.

OK Peter, keep us posted, send us new video in month or so and any questions you may have along the way. Good luck.


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